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CSGO Gambling

The enormous growth in e-sports in recent years has seen new sporting superstars appear from obscurity and become global sensations. Men and women from around the world who happen to be some of the best gamers around have become household names thanks to games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which has international professional tournaments, and attracts viewers from pretty much every continent.

It’s not just fame these players enjoy, however, but fortune too. Winning one of the tournaments alone could see you pocketing prizes in the high hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that’s not even taking into account the sponsorship deals top teams can sign. However, the pro players aren’t the only ones who are getting rich off CSGO; there’s a healthy and growing CSGO gambling community, where fans of the e-sport are getting rich off betting on professional games.

No CSGO Gambling Without Counter-Strike

Before we get properly into our discussion about CSGO gambling, there’s a little bit of housekeeping we have to do first to ensure everyone here is on the same page. It goes without saying that without the very game it’s based around, there would be no such thing as CSGO gambling, and seeing as all CSGO gambling sites owe their existence to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of what to expect from the game.

Released in 2014, and the fourth game in the Valve Corporation’s Counter-Strike series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter game, which pits two multiplayer teams against one another. One of the teams plays the role of terrorists – and is tasks with planting bombs or defending hostages – while the other team plays as counter-terrorist officers and tries to prevent the first team’s actions. Even before CSGO gambling rose to popularity, players everywhere loved the game which had mass appeal, being released as it was across Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Of course, aside from its popularity as a professional e-sport, Counter-Strike is very much just a standalone video game just like any other. That means that even if you don’t want to get involved with CSGO gambling, you’re still more than welcome to play the game for your own enjoyment. This is one of the best things about e-sports, and why they’re still climbing in mainstream popularity at such a fast pace.

CSGO gambling

What is CSGO Gambling?

To understand exactly what CSGO gambling is, it’s easiest to first turn your attention to e-sports in general. Sure, back in the day you may have been gambling on a game played physically by the participants, like guys kicking a ball around a field, or racing on foot or on animals, but e-sports take the basic principle and apply them to video games. That’s right, the ‘e’ in ‘e’ sports is the same ‘e’ you find in email, and simply means that rather than watching the action unfold in real life, you watch the events unfold inside a video game.

So how does gambling come into this? Well, as soon as you frame e-sports as just any other sport, everything becomes clear. Since time immemorial, humans have been betting on sports, and just because a sport is digital, that doesn’t mean there has to be any different when it comes to wagers being placed on games. In a very real sense, CSGO gambling is simply running in the same vein as all sports betting, and gambling CSGO style is very recognisable to other forms of sports betting.

Even in the earliest days of e-sports, gambling operators moved in to what they knew was going to be a burgeoning market. Professional CSGO matches are held under the same conditions of regulation and fairness as with any other sport, and you can gamble on the outcome just like any other sport. Those involved with CSGO gambling look at the same element, like previous wins, team line-ups and individual player performance to decide who they think they should back in any given match, and if all this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the same exact ideas as when your dad was betting on the footy.

What CSGO Gambling Bets Can You Place?

Ok, hopefully you see by now that there are very many similarities between CSGO gambling and other forms of sports betting, which is why it’ll come as no surprise to anyone acquainted with the latter that there are plenty of ways for you to bet on matches. Sure, as with any individual or team sport, you’re always going to be able to wager on who will win and who will lose, but there’s so many more layers you can dig down into as a player.

For instance, you might want to get involved with so called ‘spread’ betting; these bets predict what you think the difference in points will be between the winning and losing side. Or you might want to use your CSGO gambling know how to gamble on your favourite team across the course of a tournament, and predict how many games they’ll win versus how many they’ll lose.

As with other sports these days, there’s even the ability at some sites to take part at in-game betting, where you can wager on things like who will be victorious in the next round, even while the action is underway. Of course, the more precise your predictions, the bigger your prizes will be when you win, which is a very compelling argument for trying to get as picky as you can with your wagers at CSGO gamble sites.

So, which kind of bets are best for you? The thing here is, as well as offering different and unique odds, all CSGO gambling sites offer their users different ways to bet. You should first decide the kinds of bets you want to place, and then find sites which offer those bets along with favourable odds.

Is CSGO Gambling Just for Gamers?

Given that CSGO gambling is based unapologetically around a video game, it might be tempting to assume that it’s really only suitable to be enjoyed by those who are already video gamers themselves. We contend, however, that CSGO and e-sports betting in general can be enjoyed by anyone, even gaming novices who are totally new to the world, and we’ll explain why.

Ok, we’ll admit it, those who are gamers in their own right might have a slight advantage in CSGO gambling, especially to begin with. That’s basically because, as with any sport, there’s an advantage to understanding how the game works, and when you’re able to follow the action more intently, you’re also able to judge who the better players are with more clarity. That’s why gambling CSGO tend to know the game pretty intimately.

However, we’d content that knowing how to play, playing, and being good at Counter-Strike isn’t a prerequisite for being able to adapt to CSGO gambling. Our argument would hinge around the fact that the game isn’t all that hard to get your head around. The objectives are clear, and the action easy to follow. The graphics have been designed to be crystal clear, and even the cheapest streaming channels accompany games with up to the minute commentary, which helps you follow the action, even if you’re not able to do it visually.

Think about it this way, would you expect all football fans to play football? Sure, many of them may enjoy a kick about in the part, or even be a member of a 6 a side team, but there are tons off football fans who attend games every week but never play themselves. Many of those who are successful gamblers on football are better with statistics than they are with their feet anyway. Why should there be any difference when it comes to CSGO gambling? You can certainly have an appreciation for the game without playing it!

How to Find Your CSGO Team

Just like any traditional sport, there’s a series of leagues you can follow in CSGO, and in each of those leagues there’s a bunch of teams of varying skill levels for you to follow. When it comes to CSGO gambling, again, as in any sport, lots of gambler decide they want to follow a specific team, and root for them to win.

It’s worth bearing in mind that these aren’t just your average gamers; just like with football, rugby or cricket, professional CSGO players dedicate their lives to their (e-)sport to ensure that they become the very best of the best. With this in mind, when it comes to CSGO gambling you may decide that you want to hitch your wagon up to the team you think exhibits the most skill in the game (something you can only decide once you’ve been watching for a while), but there are certainly other ways to decide.

For instance, it’s totally legit if you want to root for a team which comes from your home city, or you might focus more on the sponsorship, and follow a team which is backed by a brand you identify with. Maybe, once you’ve got to know them well, you might decide to simply support the team you think have the nicest personalities.

The great thing about many CSGO gambling sites is that, alongside the gambling, there’s the opportunity for you to find out all kinds of news and insights about the teams you follow, as well as those you don’t If you want to be a really dedicated fan, it’s easy to keep up to date with

Where to Watch CSGO Matches

Just like with any form of sports gambling, you don’t just care about the outcome; half the fun is watching the matches and seeing the nail biting action play out in front of you. The main reason that CSGO exists as a professional e-sport is that it’s a thrill for spectators to see such skilled players showing how good they are on an international stage, and those participating in CSGO gambling will get an extra kick out of knowing that they stand it win or lose money off the back of the performance of the teams.

So, if you’re getting involved in CSGO gambling for the first time, where should you go to watch the matches you’re betting on? Well, the entire community grew out of online gaming streaming communities like on the famous website Twitch, where viewers could watch live streams and recorded content of spectacular gaming. This was not only the initial way that gamblers were able to view the games, but also what first alerted operators to the fact that there was a budding viewership for e-sports.

While you can certainly still watch plenty of CSGO live streams, as the sport has become more mainstream, its viewership has reached high enough levels for TV stations to start taking notice. The ELEAGUE Major 2017 was the very first tournament to be broadcast on regular television, being held in the Fox Theatre, and subsequently broadcast by TBS. So, increasingly, those involved with CSGO gambling are able to find the games they want to watch via more mainstream channels!

Match Fixing and CSGO Gambling

We’re spoke a lot here about the safety of CSGO gambling as it relates to the gambling operators who run the sites at which you wager, however, it’s worth noting that, as with any other sport, CSGO Gambling sitesprofessional CSGO is open to corruption, and those looking to make guaranteed money on the game might try and fix matches. The question here is – should you be worried about this more than with traditional sports when betting on CSGO?

We’re going to be honest with you here, professional CSGO has already faced its first major match fixing scandal and come out the other site. It all happened in 2014, when the team iBuyPower purposefully lost a match against NetCodeGuides.com. The way it worked was someone paid iBuyPower to lose, and bet a large amount against them; not only is this totally against the rules, it’s unfair for the rest of the CSGO gambling, who believe that the game is being held honestly.

While this might be a cause for concern, something that should reinstate your faith in CSGO gambling is how quickly the managing bodies of the tournaments managed the situation. Valve and ESL both banned the team and apologised publically for allowing the fixing to happen. There are many much bigger and more established sporting governing bodies who would have struggled to root out and take such affirmative action against this kind of behaviour, which is why we believe those overseeing CSGO should be commended.

CSGO Gambling with Skins

Throughout most of this guide, we’ve been talking about CSGO gambling in terms of cash gambling on the outcome of professional matches, however, there’s another important gambling element to the CSGO world that you should be aware of if you want to enjoy a holistic experience; that of skin gambling. Skin gambling has attracted a lot of attention over the last couple of years, both for its popularity, and its implications for underage gambling.

While regular CSGO gambling sees gamblers wagering money on the outcome of professional matches, as they would with traditional sports matches, skin gambling sees these gamblers instead wagering with CSGO skins. These skins – which were introduced in the 2013 version of the game – allow players to change the appearance of their weapons (though, crucially, not their performance). As soon as they were introduced, players went mad for skins, and wanted to get the most colourful and out there weapons they could.

Owing to the relative rarity of the skins in the game, their value quickly went up, and they soon effectively became a new virtual currency which players could trade; thus opening the door for a brand new form of CSGO gambling. Totally exclusive to the CSGO world, skin gambling sees players betting on the outcomes of matches using their prized skins.

It has to be noted that not all CSGO gambling sites wanted to get involved with skin gambling, which was basically just peer to peer trading, and so brand new sites sprung up to cater for this new trend in CSGO gambling. However, while they proved to be hugely popular, both the sites catering for skin gambling, and Valve – the makers of CSGO – themselves got into hot water over the last couple of years over the promotion and running of skin gambling. And the reason is pretty legit when you think about it for 5 minutes.

What it all boils down to is the fact that, while regular CSGO gambling is regulated by watchdog bodies, just like any other online or mobile gambling, because there’s cash involved. However, when CSGO skin gambling first appeared, it existed in a grey area, where it was 50% gambling, and 50% peer to peer trading, so existed in an unregulated space. What this led to was a situation where those who were underage being allowed effectively to gamble unsupervised. When authorities got wind of this, there was big trouble for sites facilitating this kind of gambling, and many closed.

This is a lesson for those who want to ensure that they’re partaking in CSGO gambling fairly, safely and legally. Though skin gambling might be attractive, especially if you’re a big fan of playing the game yourself, if you want to make sure you’re not running fowl of the law, and protected by gambling watchdogs, it actually makes more sense to stick with real money gambling.

Thinking About Getting Involved with CSGO gambling?

If you’ve read this entire post as a sort of introduction to CSGO gambling, then you wouldn’t be at all surprised if you’d got to the point of wanting to try it out for yourself. Before you do, however, we’ve got a couple of pieces of advice we think you should be mindful of. That’s right, this might some it sound like obvious advice, but just like with any kind of, before you risk any of your own money, you should be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into, and understand the risks.

The first best thing we think you can do is really get to know CSGO as a game for yourself. It’s all very well being a spectator, but you can really start gambling CSGO games until you understand the game. How do you win? How do you play? What’s a good strategy, and what’s a bad one? It’s not until you understand the game, that you can see which teams are playing it the best, and it’s not until you know which teams are playing best that you can start to make informed choices about who to gamble on.

The next thing you need to do is ensure that the site on which you’re doing your CSGO gambling is honest and fair when it comes to wagers. Just because e-sports are a modern phenomenon, that doesn’t mean that wagering on them is any different to any other kind of gambling, and when you’re choosing a site to place your bets at, you need to make sure you’re protecting yourself by choosing only the most reputable options. The best way to do this is to ensure that your choice of site is regulated by the gambling watchdog body for the territory you’re playing from. For those gambling in the UK, the regulatory body is the UK Gambling Commission, and if the site you play at holds a license with them, you can rest assured that it conforms to all the required fair play regulation.

Our final piece of advice before we let you get away and start enjoying your CSGO gambling career? Ensure that you’re always gambling for fun! Yup, it might be advice we give to every gambler, but it’s worth restating. Gambling should always be undertaken for enjoyment, never compulsively, and you should only every wager with money you can afford to lose.

Now you’re ready to enjoy the world of CSGO gambling! Have fun!

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