Guide to Fortune Frenzy Casino’s Privileged VIP Reward Scheme

privileged vip promotion fortune frenzyHere at Fortune Frenzy Casino, we pride ourselves on both the number and quality of the promotions we offer to all of our players. From valuable new player bonuses which propel you into your playing career here, to the monthly promotions which offer new ways to claim bonuses and take part in special events every few weeks. With all these in place, every single player is guaranteed the chance to be treated so something a little special when visiting our site.

Though we like to be democratic, there are, however, some players who spend a little more time and money at our casino, and who we think it’s worth rewarding with a little more. These are the players who are extra dedicated to our casino, and who we think deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty with an extra little bit of privilege. So we have one question for you…


Would You Like to be Privileged?

Privileged is our exclusive VIP program here at Fortune Frenzy Casino, which is aimed directly at super loyal and high rolling players, for whom the usual promotions just don’t cut the mustard. While we don’t want to devalue our normal players, it has to be said that Privileged players do enjoy some special extras reserved just for them, like exclusive bonuses, and personalised casino service.

The kinds of players in the Privileged scheme are those who plan to wager big and win bigger, and a big aim of the scheme is to reward players who are willing to take these bigger risks. Though the scheme is somewhat exclusive, anyone can join if they meet certain specifications, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves; why don’t we first take a look at the kinds of rewards you can expect to claim if you’re a Privileged player…

What Can Privileged Player Enjoy?

Fortune Frenzy LogoDepending on when you join the Privileged program, how much you spend, and what kind of promotions we’re running at the time, what you can claim as a privileged member will vary, however as a basic rule, you’ll certainly be entitled to promotions such as cashback offers, weekly bonuses, deposit rewards and bonus extra spins. On top of this we run exclusive promotions for our privileged players, which regular players don’t even hear about.

It might sound like these are the kinds of promotions that regular players have access to, and you’d kind of be right there, but with Privilege, the promotion terms are more favourable, the offers are more regular, and the values you can claim are far higher. They’re basically just like other promotion, just ever so slightly better.

More than just bonuses and promotions, though, Privileged is also a customer care scheme. While we’re always here, 24/7, 365 days a year for all our players, as a regular player, if you want to contact the casino, you’ll simply go through to any old customer service agent. The top players in the Privileged scheme, however, may be put in contact with their very own agent, who would be their first point of contact in the casino, and will know the ins and outs of their account perfectly. It’s just our way of ensuring that our Privileged players feel extra looked after.

How to Become a Privileged Player

If you like the sound of everything Privileged has to offer, it’s pretty likely that you’ll want to join up. The thing is, not just anyone can sign up to the scheme; it’s invitation only. If you meet certain specifications – to do with how much time you spend at Fortune Frenzy, how much you deposit and how much you wager – you’ll be flagged in our system, and we’ll get in touch to invite you to join. Once you’re a member you can enjoy all the Privileged perks.

If, however, you haven’t got an invitation, but you still think you should be a member, you’re welcome to get in touch with us and request membership. It’s a good sign if you’re already a VIP member at other casinos, of if you plan to be a big spender and high roller here at Fortune Frenzy. Membership by request is never guaranteed, but we’re always happy to hear from players who want to sign up.

Remember, though, even if you’re not lucky enough to become one of our elite Privileged members, there’s always dozens of great promotions for the average player to claim at our casino, with new offers added every month. So, even if you’re not Privileged, you’re still privileged.

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