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iPhone Casino History

Apple Launch A Technological Landmark

The launch of the first iPhone marked a momentous cultural event. When Steve Jobs first unveiled his plans for the first ever iPhone at the Macworld Expo in January 2007, he claimed the design would be based on an iPod, whilst essentially being a computer that happened to make calls. No mobile operators knew it at the time, but this innovative approach would be what defined Apple’s success and domination of the mobile market for many years to come.

The iPhone was launched soon after the conference in June, and as Jobs correctly identified, was “five years ahead of any other mobile phone.” Unlike its predecessors the iPhone integrated the mobile web into the handset incredibly effectively – browsing on the internet was as simple as sending a text. Revolutionary within the field, the iPhone had customers queuing for days in anticipation of its release, selling more than 5 million handsets despite complaints about broadband speeds, the brand new touch type technology and the price.

The iPhone App Store

Though the product was doubted and even damned by some critics, the iPhone saw unprecedented success and proved that the mobile market was beginning to shift in a completely new direction. Indeed, before the launch of the iPhone 3G Jobs spoke of an iPhone software development kit intended for 3rd party companies, which quickly evolved into the Application Store.

This watershed moment for the mobile industry shaped how users enjoy their phones today. Previously just a communicational device, mobile phones, or smart phones, have become primarily a form of entertainment. The mobile gaming market, predicted to be worth $11.7million by 2014, has boomed as a result of Apple’s innovation and made it possible to have a wide range of games at the mercy of our fingertips.

Say Hello to Siri

The iPhone 4 was launched in 2010, and boasted a higher resolution retina screen as well as a front facing camera designed specifically for video calling. But what particularly defined the success of the third set of iPhones was the introduction of their personal assistant and knowledge navigator, Siri.Say Hello To Siri

Whether the product should have been launched with the arguably unsophisticated voice recognition service was hotly debated at Apple, the decision made only days before it was launched. Though the service wasn’t yet polished, Apple had yet again transformed the mobile industry with many other mobile phones quick to follow the trend.

Thinner, lighter, faster, stronger

Just one year later in September 2012 the iPhone 5 was released. The product was 18% thinner, 20% lighter, twice as fast as the 4s and had a back made of aluminium instead of glass. It was additionally the first phone capable of 4G, a super-fast mobile broadband technology launched in Britain late 2012.

Proving to always adapt to customer demand and be technologically flexible, Apple’s iPhone 5 also has a 16:9 screen rather than a 3:2 making it perfect for watching films, TV shows and playing mobile games.

Wrapped up in a multitude of patent law suits with mobile giants such as Samsung, Apple continues to defend its unique technology and design to this date. Though its benefits are arguably duplicated elsewhere on other devices, this conflict is to an extent to be expected when technologies develop and therefore undoubtedly merge.

The Launch of the iPhone Casino

The invention of the Application store saw the almost immediate invention and ultimately the success of mobile gambling. The industry had already seen the launch and success of the online casino in the late 90s, but the market craved a game that was more convenient and on  even better technology.

Apple iPhone 5

As the years went on and technology advanced, mobile casinos were not just limited to the App store. 2010 saw a huge range of sites launching their very own mobile gambling platforms, which in re

turn put pressure on the restrictions for gambling sites and apps to be loosened in many countries. This meant that the amount of people playing casino games on their iPhone soared, despite the fact earlier games were only played for chips and not actual money.

As technology progressed within the mobile industry, mobile casinos were forced to constantly update their game play in line with players’ expectations. The launch of HD games coincided with the release of high retina displays on the iPhone, which meant avid mobile gamers could experience some of the best graphics seen yet within the industry.

Fortune Frenzy updated almost half of their games in high definition in 2013, and expects to re-release the rest of their wide selection of games in HD by the end of this year. The repertoire of games that the site has to offer is one of the largest in the industry and continues to be a market-leading mobile casino with excellent quality graphics and an unforgettable gaming experience.

Fortune Frenzy has over 20 mobile games available on a range of different devices, and is an excellent platform for iPhone users to gamble on, providing some of the best graphics, animation and usability in such a particularly competitive market.

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