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High Stakes Roulette

Roulette is probably the most popular casino game in the world. It can be found at almost every single casino both online and in the streets everywhere. When it comes to playing roulette online though, there’s nothing more exhilarating than high stakes roulette.

High stakes roulette is any game of roulette that allows very high bets. That’s all there is to it and there are many different versions of this game that you can play at high stakes. The RTP of such games is usually very similar to that of low stakes games too. So, whether you enjoy European Roulette, American Roulette or even French one, there’s always an option to risk more.
Of course, better rewards come with a greater risk as well. Roulette is a classic game of early casinos too, so it’s only fitting to play them risky. Betting £1 per spin does no justice to the game that’s so iconic to this day. But one question remains. Should you, a regular player, play high stakes roulette and if yes, why do that, anyway?

Why Should You Play High Stakes Roulette?

For one thing, betting big money on a roulette table is like nothing else. You’ve got to experience that feeling when your weekly or even monthly salary is on the stake. And it all depends on the roulette wheel whether you’re going to lose it or win ten times as much. You do need to have some money in the first place, of course. But if you do, there’s really nothing like it.
Playing roulette with a few grand is also the best way to feel like you’re a real casino shark. This is especially true at online casinos. That’s because many online gamblers don’t really feel like they’re playing at a real casino. If you choose high stakes roulette, however, it’ll become as real as it can get. As long as you feel the adrenaline rushing, it doesn’t matter whether you play in a brick-and-mortar casino or on your mobile.

It goes without saying that you can also with much more if you stick to the games with a high limit. Low limit roulette can sometimes feel like a child’s play in comparison. While the casual players spend hours to win a couple of bills on roulette, you’ll usually win much more in a single spin.
A less obvious reason is that having a bigger bankroll allows for greater flexibility. You can place bets of more diverse sizes, for example. You can also apply various betting strategies more effectively.

The most proven roulette strategies are progressive, but neither is as dangerous as the one known as Martingale strategy. It relies on doubling your bet until you win. If you don’t win before reaching the bet limit, however, you’ll suffer great losses. Luckily, the chance of that happening is greatly diminished at high stakes roulette.

The Highest Stakes And Limits

High stakes roulette is all about an increased max bet limit, but it’s never unlimited. One may be able to place a bet that surpasses the low limit roulette hundredfold, yet limits exist anyway. You’d be surprised to learn how huge some of these limits may be. It all depends on each game, however, and there are many differences in-between.
In the sense of bet limits, Playtech and Evolution Gaming are the leaders of the industry. Some of their games have limits of £250,000 and £500,000 respectively. To give an impression what this means, playing roulette with the highest bet limit would allow to fail 17 times and still pull off a win using Martingale system. In case you’re wondering, that’s an almost impossible scenario, so you can basically win every single time.

Of course, there are just a few roulette games with limits so huge. Usually, they’ll allow to bet up to £75,000 or slightly less. That’s the limit of many high stakes roulette games by NetEnt. On the other hand, max bets of, say, £2,000 are also considered as high-limit bets. Not many people can afford to stake thousands in every round anyway!

Is Everyone Allowed To Play High Stakes Roulette?

Everyone can play roulette with high limits and you don’t even have to be rich or prove anything to anyone. Online casinos are all about freedom of choice, so it’s up to you what you play and how you do it. Most online and mobile casinos have many variants of roulette too, so the choice is yours.
It’s true that some games are exclusive to the VIP members of online casinos. These often include high stakes games, and roulette with a £500,000 limit is definitely one of them. However, many games with £50,000 or higher limits are available to the vast majority too.

Where To Play High Stakes Roulette?

Here are a few trusted and regulated sites where you can find and play all sorts of high stakes roulette games.
It would be fair to call LeoVegas casino the king of all online casinos. Being one of the most popular casinos out there, it attracts thousands of players every month. Among lots of other games, it has some quality roulette titles. One of them, called Immersive Roulette by Evolution Gaming, has a bet limit of £75,000 and allows low stakes simultaneously.

Mansion Casino is one of the oldest online casinos today, having a huge presence in the industry. It’s full of casino games, awesome promotions and more. Roulette fans will find Video Roulette particularly interesting. It’s a game by Playtech – the one we already mentioned that has a whopping £250,000 maximum bet limit. What’s more, it’s available to everyone and is the best non-exclusive high stakes roulette.

Mr Green Casino is one of the most popular and loved online casinos in the UK today. This is not least because of new offers and exciting tournaments every week. It has many roulette games of all kinds to choose from. The ones offered by NetEnt have very high bet limits too, which are up to £75,000.

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