Why Play at PayPal Casinos?

So, we’ve covered what a PayPal casino is, but what we haven’t touched upon yet is why exactly you’d want to head on over and play at one. The fact is, PayPal has been around for some time, and that’s because it’s a great business model, which offers truly fantastic payment solutions; this means that there’s genuinely a plethora of reasons why someone might want to play at a PayPal casino, including the speed and convenience of making payments through the service, the facts that it’s fee free and secure for users, and that it’s available at literally hundreds of online and mobile casinos.

There’s nothing worse than making a deposit at an online or mobile casino and then having to wait minutes, hours or even days for the payment to process, and it’s even more annoying if you’re withdrawing and are itching to get your hands on your money. The fact is, at PayPal casinos, this problem doesn’t really exist.

When you make a payment via PayPal at a PayPal casino, the money leaves your banking account immediately, and you can find it pretty much instantly in your casino account. The same is true the other way round; the service processes withdrawals instantly, meaning the only wait time you’ll have is however long it takes your PayPal casino to confirm your withdrawal request.


At online casinos, and even more so at mobile casinos when you’re on the go, the last thing you want to be doing when you’re depositing or withdrawing your casino funds is to be wasting yourWhat-is-really-about-paypal time laboriously entering card or bank details. Guess what?

This is yet another problem PayPal casinos have made into ancient history. At PayPal casinos, all you need to do is enter your PayPal username and password (which most sites will allow you to save anyway), and you will be able to manage your casino funds instantly, from anywhere.

Fee Free & Secure Payments

While making sure you’re not paying more than you’re going to be able to play with is a growing trend amongst online and mobile casinos, there are still some deposit and withdrawal options which require you to pay a small fee at one point or another to use the service. Luckily, PayPal casinos will never require you to pay any kind of fee for utilising this great payment method.

PayPal casinos may pay fees to be able to host PayPal on their sites, but they’ll never pass those costs on to their players. On top of being free, you can also rest assured that your money is safe with PayPal casinos, where security of your money is of the utmost importance.

Wide Availability

Do you have a favourite deposit or withdrawal method which you just can’t seem to use at any casinos? Perhaps you’re a big fan of pay by phone deposits, but are frustrated at how few casinos accept the method? Well, PayPal casinos just happen to be 10 a penny; the service’s age and popularity means that it’s more likely than not that any new site you sign up to will be a PayPal casino anyway, and if it isn’t, then it’s probably not worth playing at anyway.

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