Can Bonuses Be Trusted? Trust Issues Plague the Industry

A new report released by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has revealed that just 30% of those surveyed believe gambling is fair and can be trusted.

This represents a 3% decrease since 2017, indicating a deepening problem of the lack of trust between punters and operators.

With trustworthiness and fairness being such hot topics, we thought what better time than now to ask the question: can bonuses be trusted?

Report Reveals Fairness and Trust Issues

Populus, an independent market research company, gathered the data through surveys which were conducted both online and on the telephone.

The report focused on the behaviour and attitude of gamblers in the United Kingdom during the year of 2018.

The report revealed that gamblers are becoming increasingly distrustful of operators. Of those surveyed, just 30% stated that they believe gambling is fair and can be trusted.

This represents a 3% decrease since 2017, indicating a deepening problem of the lack of trust between punters and operators.

It is worth pointing out that those who didn’t gamble were more likely than those who did gamble to say that gambling was not fair and could not be trusted.

Trustworthiness is Important

Safety and trustworthiness are always important considerations for any online gambler. The UKGC report showed that the trustworthiness of a casino was one of the most important considerations for players when selecting a casino to play at.

A spokesperson for the UKGC is fully aware of the importance of good practice among online casino operators, and the benefits it can bring.

They said:

“A key factor that influences where someone gambles is a company with a reputation for being fair and trustworthy.

Consequently, responsible gambling companies that deliver great customer service will be at an increasingly competitive advantage.”

What Makes Bonuses Safe?

Bonuses are our forte here at Fortune Frenzy, but can they be trusted and are they safe? In our opinion, bonuses are completely safe and let us tell you why.

1. Terms and Conditions

Whilst terms and conditions are not exactly an enthralling read, they nonetheless clearly state everything you need to know about a bonus.

This includes things like wagering requirements, expiry dates, minimum deposits, maximum winnings and how to actually get the bonus in the first place.

Terms and conditions provide all the key information and tell you exactly you are signing up to. All this information ensures your safety and shows that the bonus is trustworthy.

2. Maximum Winnings

Maximum winning caps are almost always imposed on bonuses. This might not sound like a particularly good thing, but it does ensure your safety and lets you know that the bonus can be trusted.

What we mean by this is there won’t be any claims that you can scoop millions of pounds with bonuses and, ordinarily, the maximum you can win will be clearly stated.

This certainly adds a level of trust between you and the operator.

3. The Sign-Up Process

To receive any bonus at an online casino you will need to sign-up to a casino, and that outfit will need to verify your identity. Recent rulings by the UKGC have stipulated that casinos must verify identities before bonuses are awarded.

The fact that casinos must complete the verification process before awarding bonuses demonstrates a level of legitimacy and authenticity.

4. Ubiquitous Bonuses

Let’s be honest, bonuses are one of the absolute hallmarks of modern-day gambling. Simply put, if bonuses were untrustworthy, they wouldn’t be so popular and so loved.

One of the reasons why they’re so successful is that players trust them and believe they are transparent, whilst offering good value.

You CAN Trust Bonuses

Of course, we fully recommend everyone to be diligent and do their homework before selecting a casino to play at. If a bonus is associated with a questionable casino, it might not be safe.

In our opinion, bonuses are safe and can be trusted when used through reputable casino sites. In fact, bonuses could be one way in which casino sites can showcase their integrity to their players, and potential ones.

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