FIFA is the undoubted king of the football video game empire, boasting huge sales every year when a new version is released. Judging by this, you’d surely expect a flawless, masterpiece of a game, free of any graphical or game play issues? Thankfully, this is not the case.

Every year the FIFA games hit the shelves riddled with hilarious glitches that only increase the amount of entertainment you can gain from playing. Here are our 10 weirdest FIFA glitches!

1) Taking Stretching A Bit Too Far

fifa glitch leg lift

2) The Facial Expression Says It All…

fifa glitch in the ground

3) That’s What He Gets For Scoring!

fifa glitch

4) There’s A Time And A Place, Boys!

fifa glitch

5) I’m Not Sure How…But It’s Impressive

fifa glitch gif

6) That’s Handy!

fifa hands glitch

7) Kick The Ball, Kick Someone’s Head…Same Difference

fifa goalie glitch

8) Erm…?

fifa glitch

9) Absolutely Clotheslined

fifa clothesline gif

10) New Signing?

goalie monster gif

Glitches like these almost make you wonder why all games don’t incorporate them in to the game play!

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