The 5 Worst Things Anti-Gamblers Say To Online Players

anti gamblersIt’s a truth universally acknowledged that not everyone likes gambling. There are many people, in fact, who are against the very existence of gambling. And that’s okay — they’re entitled to their wrong opinion.

It only becomes a problem when they start imposing their believes on you as if you should listen to what they say and immediately drop your gambling habits. And that’s despite of how in control of it you are or how little money you actually spend on it. Here are five of the most offensive, not to mention inaccurate, things that they tend to say to online gamblers in particular.


1. “It’s Immoral!”

devil angelVery few anti-gamblers like to say this out loud, but they communicate it in indirect ways. It usually comes in the form of them aggressively advocating how much that they disagree with gambling and rarely back up this argument with any kind of useful information. Sure, some people commit some pretty heinous acts in order to satisfy a gambling addiction.

Yet, this is the exception rather than the rule and gambling, let alone mobile gambling, is hardly to blame for that. This person could have been addicted to postage stamps and they still might have sold their mother’s jewellery to get the money for it. See what we’re getting at?


2. “You’ll Go Bankrupt!”

Bank With Cross ThroughAgain, not said directly (at least, most of the time), but this is a heavily implied sentiment when strong anti-gamblers like to remind you what you’re doing is wrong. While it’s true that some people have gone bankrupt while making a very large and regrettable bet on a whim, bankruptcy is not an inevitable part of gambling. Not if you know what you’re doing.

Sure, you’re more likely to go bankrupt if you gamble outside your means or if you play a game you only know half the rules of. But again, this is the exception and not the rule. The absolute majority of online players (and gamblers in general) are sensible enough not to dish out their life savings to chase some adrenaline rush.


3. “You’ll Become Addicted!”

gambling slot addictionThis phrase, we’ll admit, largely depends on context. If the person at the receiving end of this phrase has been prone to addiction in the past then it might not be unreasonable to say something like this. On the other hand, if some anti-gamblers say this to you and they don’t even known you, or you have only just started the hobby, or you’re perfectly within your means to not become an addict, then they’re crossing the line.

Even then, gambling addiction is not all that common. Out of the millions of people who gamble, 0.5% have known to become addicted in the past year. That’s less one percent! And besides, if a country has effective measures in place to tackle it, addiction will never escalate to become a serious problem.


4. “Well, [Insert Name Here] Said…”

he said she saidIn a feeble attempt to make their argument sound credible, anti-gamblers might resort to quoting or paraphrasing something that their great-aunt’s best friend’s cousin once said about how awful gambling is. All because they had a bad experience once. It’s not always family members, though. Some people even quote their local vicar to call you out on how sinful you’re being.

Besides, unless someone can draw up a doctoral thesis on how deadly it is to be a mobile gambler with statistics and cold-hard facts to back it up, we’re not interested in what Uncle Jimmy said.


5. “It’s A Waste Of Time/Money!

waste-of-time1Ah, yes — the timeless argument. Gambling is a waste time and money and is not worth investing in whatsoever. You never win anything anyway, so what’s the point? Well, Josephine, let us ask you a question. Did you play the lottery last week?

If your answer is “yes” (and it almost always is), then congratulations! You’re a hypocrite. Anti-gamblers love to preach how unproductive it is to gamble yet spend thousands trying to win the Lotto. Yes, taking part in the lottery is a form of gambling, no matter what way you look at it. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Even if anti-gamblers didn’t take part in the lottery, it should be asked why they feel the need to “waste time and money” on another favourite hobby of theirs. Like crochet patterns.

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