5 Reasons Why People Think Mobile Depositing Isn’t For Them – And Why They’re Wrong!

mobile-payment-phoneMobile casino players are growing in number daily. More and more of you are playing your favourite slots on-the-go, or simply choosing to play via phone because of how easy it is.

With the rise of mobile players, we’d presume that this would also mean a rise in people using mobile payment methods as a means of depositing. However, it looks like a lot of people are still reluctant to make the switch from more traditional methods.

We must be honest, we think this is bonkers! We’re big fans of mobile deposits as they’re quick, hassle-free and allow you to manage your funding all from the same device. However, it seems that there are many misconceptions about mobile deposits out there making the rounds, so we want to dispel any myths and prove how useful and easy mobile payments are.

1. It’s Complicated

confused figure with question markThis is perhaps the biggest concern for most users. People seem to think that funding your account via your mobile will be much more convoluted than depositing via browser. We understand that if you’re used to one way of depositing it’s hard to make the change to another, and that you don’t want to faff around learning a new way. However, making a deposit via your phone is one of the easiest methods about, so we’ve no idea how this myth came to be!

To deposit via mobile you simply need to log in to your casino account, await a text and then respond to the test with confirmation that you want the deposit to go ahead. It all takes a matter of seconds and, as mobile deposits use your phone credit or charge to your phone bill, there’s no need to be entering bank details which also saves time.

2. It’s Not Secure

PadlockAnother huge myth! Mobile deposits are as safe as any other form of depositing – if not safer! We presume that people worry about the security of their mobile deposits as they don’t trust their mobile network to deliver their texts safely or something along those lines.

However, as you don’t need to supply any bank details, there’s absolutely no need to worry about interception or fraud. Furthermore, all casinos have well-tested and encrypted banking systems, it’s one of the prerequisites of being a licensed casino! If you’re ever in doubt, however, do make sure you check out the casino’s privacy policy and if their wearing their FSA (Financial Services Authority) badge with pride.

3. It Takes Ages

Oswirling-clockne of the biggest things players look out for when choosing a deposit method is the time in which it takes for their funds to be credited to their account. Eager players don’t want to wait around, but we’re clueless as to why people think mobile depositing would be any slower than from desktop!

Mobile deposits use your phones credit or charge to your monthly bill, which means that no lengthy transactions take place. If you’ve got credit on your mobile, you’ve already topped up your phone so the casino is simply drawing on that money.

Similarly, if you’re a pay monthly customer, the deposit is charged to your monthly bill, so you don’t actually pay for anything until your phone bill comes through. This makes crediting your casino account incredibly quick, as you’re not waiting around for the bank to transfer your money.

4. ‘I’ll Have to Pay Transaction Fees’

Boku LogoWrong again, sorry! Mobile deposits are completely free. Here at Fortune Frenzy we use a service called Boku, and we assure you you’ll never be charged for using it. Just as you’re not charged for e-wallet services or debit cards, there’ll be no fees incurred for ¬†funding your account via your phone.

The only charge on your account will be the money you’ve deposited, and as the whole amount can be used to play with, mobile depositing will never leave you out of pocket.

5. You Need A Credit Card or Bank Account

Bank With Cross ThroughWe’ve mentioned numerous times through this article how easy mobile depositing is, and many times this has come down to the fact you don’t need to supply any bank details. This is because you definitely do not need a bank account, credit card, or debit card to make a mobile deposit.

Whilst those who pay their phone bill monthly may need a bank account for making direct debit payments, this isn’t anything to do with mobile deposits, as you can still use the service if you are on a pay-as-you-go tariff.

This means that you can top up your phone using cash, and then make your deposit by using this credit. Overall, this makes mobile depositing the perfect method for anyone who’s shunned the banks.

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