In five years time the fifth generation of the mobile network will be very much upon us according to industry experts and with it will come the networks largest overhaul – ever.

Reportedly, the fifth generation upgrade, otherwise known as 5G will bring revolutionary changes to the mobile phone network, so advanced and impressive we’ll probably struggle to recognise it.

And it’s not just us ‘the consumers’ who should be excited about this advancement, the engineers and scientists behind the new technology are also very keen on implementing 5G as soon as possible.

Harmonisation of the radio spectrum

Talking to the BBC Prof Rahim Tafazolli who has headed up the UK’s massive multimillion-pound government-funded 5G research Centre at the University of Surrey says that “5G will be a dramatic overhaul and harmonisation of the radio spectrum,”.

This is all very exciting but what does that mean for the consumer and why should we get excited about it? Essentially, the current phone network is spilt up into many different frequencies with other services scrambling for bandwidth such as emergency services networks and hundreds of private and business radio frequencies squeezed in and around over phone signals. This squeezing causes technological challenges and problems in regards to interference, coverage-back-spots and even the complete loss of signal.

Colossal speeds

What 5G technology will do is free-up the radio spectrum by using completely different frequencies providing greater space to harness the massive data speeds expected to be delivered by 5G, the speeds will be so fast in fact that the technology will allow potential for velocities of around 800Gbps which would facilitate the ability to download around 800 HD films – in a single second.

This incredible shift in data speed opens up doors which are almost impossible to prize-open with today’s 4G technology. New technologies that will be bolstered by 5G such as remote real-time streamed surgery will benefit by experiencing almost no latency (signal delay) in connection.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Wrong. The technology is already in its testing phase with the South Korean technology giant Samsung hoping to launch a temporary 5G network in time for 2018’s Winter Olympic Games as well as China’s large tech-company Huawei already working on plans to implement a 5G network for the 2018 World Cup in Moscow.

A most exciting development indeed.

The internet of things

It’s not just the speed of 5G that will change the way we will use our devices either, it has been said that the new network will be almost unbreakable thanks to rapid advances in antenna technology. With all this speed and reliability the possibilities presented by the technology will allow for closer synchronisation of other devices and technologies. This becomes all the more real with driver-less cars being touted as the most obvious of the beneficiaries of the 5G network.

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