8th Wonder Mobile Slot Reviewed — Truly A Wonder In The Slot World!

8th Wonder Feature ImageWelcome ladies and gentlemen to the 8th wonder of the world! Don’t get us wrong though — the eighth wonder in this slot isn’t really a monument or a piece of architectural history. In fact, it is something that we all love – cold hard cash and precious stones. As inappropriate this is, we can’t help but agree with it, ridden with guilt of course.

Developed by Realistic Games, the 8th Wonder slot is filled with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, gold bars and stacks of cash. Best part is, this game is not all show either as every time you win something, you win big. Oh, full hous rewards you up to 320 times your spin wager, just fyi!


Game Basics

The 8th Wonder mobile slot is one that is really simple. It features a reel layout of 3×3 that is paired with 5 paylines. This game accepts bets starting from a mere 25p and this value goes all the way up to a maximum of £100 per spin. That said, this game should appeal to both casual players and slots enthusiasts just the same.


8th Wonder Gameplay


With all slots produced by Realistic Games, you will be able to find the Autoplay function at the bottom of your reels. As trivial as this little feature is, it allows you to sit back, relax and watch the action unfold without much effort.

You use this function to play up to 100 spins if you wish to do so and set win limits so as to stop the autoplay once you have won a certain amount of cash.


8th Wonder Small Win


From observing payout patterns of this slot, we feel that this game is skewed towards the higher end of volatility. Payouts are slightly less frequent than you did expect but it is compensated by higher amounts.

Keep in mind that risks are particularly higher in games with high variance as players may have to endure a long streak of non-winning spins before they see any payouts. In case this happens, patience will be crucial if you want to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Bonus Features

Similar to the gameplay, the bonus features in this game are extremely simple. In total there are two unique features which may or may not occur simultaneously during gameplay. Also, you will not need any special symbols to trigger them; 8th Wonder slot is truly a slot that you can sit back and enjoy.


8th Wonder Stacked Symbols Feature


The Full House bonus  feature is automatically activated when you get nine of the same symbols on your reels. Having done that, all your wins will be instantly doubled, offering potential winnings of up to 160 times your spin wager. Luckily for all of us, triggering this feature is not all that difficult, given that stacked symbols come quite often your way.


How Does The Game Perform?

We believe that Realistic Games has achieved whatever they have set out to do – to focus on the payouts. There is so little distractions in this game that players can concentrate on nothing, but the wins.

It comes as no surprise that the 8th Wonder slot performs flawlessly on all the different types of devices that we have tested it on. With only three reels, it looks great on smaller screens with all the visual elements being crystal clear.


8th Wonder Big Win


You may choose to play this game on almost any device under the sun as it is compatible with desktops, tablets and mobile phones, irrespective of software platforms. We might be nit-picking here, but the only small complain that we have is the over repetitive soundtrack that accompanies the gameplay. If you are planning to stay playing a little longer, we highly suggest that you hit the mute button before you get annoyed.


The Feature That You Should Look Out For

If our memory serves us right, there isn’t a game out there in the slots world that is as easy to play as this. With very basic features and a small reel, 8th Wonder is as pure as a mobile slot can get. The theme is consistent throughout the game, which sometimes reminds us of the classic slot machines we used to play on in bars and pubs.


8th Wonder Graphics


It almost requires no effort and brain power to play this game – which is what most people want these days. Frankly, this might just be the ultimate ‘sit back and relax’ game.


And Finally…

Overall, the 8th Wonder mobile slot is a beautifully executed game, which will appeal to players looking for something simple that they can play after a long day. We particularly loved how the game randomly threw stacked symbols at us all the time that resulted in wins north of 10 times our wager.

The massive payouts will always keep you entertained and with the potential payouts of up to 160 times your wager, this slot may just prove to be the 8th Wonder in your life!

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