Atari eyeing new business opportunity in online and mobile gambling


After a rocky year in 2013 whereby the company narrowly avoided bankruptcy Atari are hoping their fortunes will change with a move into the online and mobile gambling industry.

All change

At the helm of this change is Atari’s newly appointed chief executive Fred Chesnais. Chesnais believes this proposed move will bring new and fresh business opportunities Atari’s way.

With these opportunities Chesnais is pinning his hopes and potential usage of brand licencing to achieve his objectives. With this in mind Atari will licence their brand through existing and already proven gaming channels with experience in the highly competitive online gambling space.


AtariHaving pulled Atari through on its last legs its new chief executive is hungry to prove all the doubters wrong by trying to reinstate Atari into brand it once was.

Atari’s new business model will also focus on software and its existing game portfolios which will be revamped and repackaged as new version of classic releases.

It is hoped that Atari’s nostalgic allure will also prove a strong point in it’s new branding plan moving forward.


Mobile gaming

Atari’s move reconfirms the huge figures recently forecast by the gambling industry detailing that the social gaming market is rocketing with an estimated 164 million players on mobile by 2018.

To capitalise on this Atari has joined forces with internet gaming giants FlowPlay and Pariplay to help launch the impending and soon expected Atari Casino release.

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