We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new mobile game, Silly Slots. Already proven to be very popular with players, who are winning impressive jackpots every day, this slots game definitely injects a little bit of childishness into the every day.

All the hilarious symbols running throughout the game such as googly eyes, pants, donkeys and jelly add a bit of fun for some massive jackpots. If you land on the Nerd symbol you get 10 extra spins, and any prizes won are doubled.

A game like Silly Slots gives you a much needed daily thrill, and you only need to know the potential jackpots up for grabs to get your heart racing. The maximum payout is a loopy £3,000, and if you land on the Nerd symbol, you get extra spins where the prizes you win are doubled. With bets as little as 2p, it’s playful games like Silly Slots that prove a great way to get daft!

We have regular new releases here at Fortune Frenzy, so we always have the most up to date slots games. From The Only Way is Slots to the traditional Super Fruity slots, we bring you the latest, greatest and most topical games to enjoy.

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