Console quality gaming on a smartphone has always been a hit and miss affair.

Although the majority of smartphone games look beautiful, the controls have always been the main hindrance to what could otherwise be a rather exciting and immersive experience on a smartphone.

Until now.

Smart gaming

Sony have developed the technology that will allow the owners of their next generation console, the PlayStation 4, to be able to play their own console games on their Sony Xperia3 smartphone pretty much anywhere that has a WiFi connection.

For this to happen Sony have devised a peripheral that will attach a PlayStation Dualshock 4 controller to the Xperia smartphone for that all important native gaming experience.

The advantage of attaching the Dualshock 4 controller to the smartphone eliminates the need to map various button commands to a touch screen allowing for a sense of a real freedom of play as expected on a fully fledged console system.

remote play

Remote control

The controller and phone (as pictured above) connect via Bluetooth and not by USB as originally understood. From this technical point of view the connection becomes easier and less cumbersome for the user.

Players will be able to access games on their Xperia 3 smartphone via Sony’s remote play application with the actual connection between the smartphone and the PS4 is provided by WiFi.

As long as the WiFi connection remains solid users games should appear in all their glorious splender on the Xperia’s 5.2 inch screen.

Of course to enjoy PlayStation 4 remote gaming you’ll first need a PlayStation 4 and one of Sony’s very own Xperia 3 smartphones.

Whether or not Sony’s application will officially port across to other manufacturers devices such as Samsung, LG and HTC remains to be seen. But Sony are keen to explore new ways of attracting customers especially since the PlayStation 4 has been so successful in luring Xbox users across to their gaming platform.

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