London based gambling expert consultant Aideen Shortt has recently written a white paper, published by Bullet Business, which details key findings over the emergence of mobile gaming.

Mobile dominance

The paper stresses the importance of not just considering mobile phones simply as portable devices.

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Instead, the report makes out that the mobile device we know and love today should be considered as a technological marvels paving the way forward towards an environment where computers simply become ubiquitous to humans and to brands.

The paper also refers to the idea of all devices being ‘always-on’ which will alter the way humans and brands will interact in the future. Interestingly, research has shown that consumers spend on average 1 hour per day on their smartphones shifting the paradigm away from desktop to mobile.

Daily routine

Some extremely interesting and recent research from the paper also notes that people’s device usage varies during the course of an average day. For instance, most users wake up with their smartphone device, browse the internet whilst drinking a morning coffee with their tablet, use desktops during the middle of the day and then revert back to continual smartphone usage later in the evening.

The bottom line

Overall the report suggests that mobile is continually shaping the demand for instant accessible content and this, as suggested by Aideen Shortt, will only continue to grow with predictions of mobile growth suggesting that before 2020 mobile gambling in all forms will represent 70% of the market share.

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