Forget Flip Cup; Think Slip Cup

When you think of beer pong it’s unlikely you think of hygiene. But maybe you should. I mean what’s actually that bad about dirty beer when you’re in student digs – not much – but how annoying is it when you’re in the beer pong zone and the ball keeps bouncing off the table on to the dirty floor. Luckily, there’s a fix out there. A group of five lads from the US have come to your rescue and invented Slip Cup – a true warm blooded ‘Kickstarter’ invention.

Slip Cup, is a simple invention, where a cup goes within the beer pong cup to offer you a clean beer pong experience. It doesn’t affect the money shots and it centre’s the cup to make sure you don’t spill any beer – absolute score. I mean forget flip cup, slip cup is the future and I am positive it will be soon hitting the cool bars in your local area – watch this space

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