Gold Rush Slot Review – An Adrenaline Rush Is Imminent!

Gold Rush Slot LogoAre you a fan of the Wild Wild West? Do those old-timey movies amidst dusky horizons of golden sand with swashbuckling cowboys fascinate you? If your answer is yes, you are in for a treat! The Gold Rush Valley of Riches is a game that brings all this to you with so much more.

Developed by all-star developer Magnet Gaming, this game is as unique as it gets. It seamlessly blends together a fresh thematic experience with the joy of winning big bucks. Highly addictive and entertaining, you are bound to find your gaming session epic, memorable and lucrative!

Game Basics

Gold Rush Small WinGold Rush is a three reel slot that sports eight paylines. It is fairly simple as a slot game. Within your reels, you will notice that all your symbols lie embedded in a sand dune with adorable cacti and animated figurines. Speaking of symbols, you would always want to keep a lookout for the ‘bars of gold’ symbols as it is the highest paying symbol in the game. The part that will definitely catch your attention the most will be both the progressive Jackpot values to the top of your reels.

Although it brings about a sense of luxury, the game is extremely affordable in terms of its wager range. All you need is a minimum 10p for a spin. The maximum accepted wager is £10. This game is definitely not one to harm your pocket! That said, we feel that this slot will suit different players with different betting strategies all the same.

We absolutely loved how the Gold Rush Valley of Riches slot has an incredibly high Return to Player (RTP) rate. At a whopping 96.5% percent you need not worry about any considerable losses. You would only need to concern yourself with considerable gain. The low variance in payouts also add another kick to your gaming experience. You get loads of chances to win at rather frequent intervals. With all its bonus features in store, there is very little to lose and oh, so much to win!


Bonus Features


Magnet gaming has gone the extra mile in making sure that the game is interactive and exciting with the bonus features. In specific, this game comes with the Game Flash feature on top of three bonus games. The bonus games are Gold Fever, Gold Digger and Gold Canyon. The good new doesn’t stop there – aside from the bonus features, all players also stand a chance to win two Jackpots, namely the Jackpot Flash and the Super Jackpot Flash.

Gold Rush Features InfoThe rules of this game are simple. To trigger the Game Flash you need to watch out for the appearance of three gold digger’s wash pan symbols on your reels. Once triggered, you stand a chance to win three great cash prizes. But that’s not all – you get access to the three other bonus games.

First up is the Gold Fever bonusgame. To trigger this feature, you will need three Gold Fever symbols to appear on your reels. Alternatively, you may also activate this feature via the Game Flash. Once activated, you will be instantly be rewarded with 20 extra spins. Having a successful run in the extra spin rounds can further give you the chance at winning the Jackpot Flash or the Super Jackpot Flash!

The Gold Digger feature also operates based on the same trigger mechanics. If you do not access this feature through the Game Flash, you may activate it with three Gold Digger symbols on your reels. Upon activation, you will be rewarded with a generous 12 extra spins. If that is not all, you get another shot at the Jackpot Flash.

Last but not least, is the Gold Canyon bonus game. This feature can be activated through the Game Flash or by obtaining three Gold Canyon symbols on your reels. Once activated you will be given the chance to collect prizes along your way through the canyon and get bonuses from bringing them home safe on the train. The further you go, the bigger the prizes get!


How Does The Game Perform?

Gold Rush Multiplier RespinMagnet gaming proves yet again that it is one of the best slot developers out there. Their stellar games repeatedly stun audiences and impress even the most experienced players. The graphics are loopy and funny with a golden overtone and a clumsy touch. The scene of the game oozes an old Western ambience. On the first look, you are greeted by a snoozing bearded gentleman who wakes up every time you take a spin.

The characters in this game are as adorable as they come. If you do not want the bearded gentleman to go back to snoring, you would have to keep spinning. But if you both need a rest, just turn off the background sound and let him enjoy his slumber. The lilting music with harmonica and banjo melodies can be charming and rustic. Don’t even get us started on the seamless animations that come by often in Gold Rush. This lends to the immersion of players in the game and gives it a fantastic feel. All in all, it is an attractive visual package that can please almost anyone who plays this game.


The Feature That You Should Look Out For

In a heartbeat we would nominate both the Jackpots in this game as the unique feature. Both jackpots are suspended temptingly at the top of the screen throughout the game and are not to be taken lightly in terms of value. The Jackpot Flash starts at an initial value of £500 whereas the Super Jackpot Flash starts at an initial value of £10,000. Plus, being progressive jackpots, these values increase extremely quickly. If that does not make your head spin with excitement, then what will?


And Finally…

One thing for sure, all gamers are bound to feel at home with this game. It is an all-rounded, all-inclusive and a highly-approachable game. The Gold Rush Valley of Riches slot combines adrenaline rush and gold rush in perfect fashion. The superb animations and visuals are highly enticing and attractive on whichever device you choose to play this game on. This slot is guaranteed to treat you with an unforgettable gaming session that will make you crave for more.

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