Gonzo’s Quest Mobile Slot Reviewed — The Road To Eldorado!

Gonzo's Quest Feature ImageToday, we will be heading deep into the Amazon Jungles with Gonzo in a quest to find the lost city of gold, the legendary Eldorado. Many have ventured into the depths of the jungle only to come out empty handed.

This time around, we have something that nobody else who ventured ever had – Gonzo. In the Gonzo’s Quest mobile slot, you will not be just playing a game, you will be part of the game!

Right from the start, you will be greeted with a short animation of Gonzo introducing himself with a map bearing the location of all the treasure. And it just gets better from there: players will be captivated by the all the innovative features and for the most part of it, the treasure you will be walking out with if you are lucky enough to find them.


Game Basics

Similar to all the other NetEnt slots, Gonzo’s Quest features a five reel setup that is paired with 20 fixed paylines.  Wagers start at a mere 20p, making Gonzo’s Quest suitable for all players, including for those who are on a budget. High-rollers are also welcome here with the maximum wager capped at £50 per spin.


Gonzo's Quest Win Multiplier 3X


Judging from both the payout frequency and sizes, this game is of medium volatility. Payouts generally range in the 3x to 15x range in the base game. It is only when you trigger some of the bonus features you can be hoping for anything above 50x your spin wager. The Return to Player (RTP) rate in this game is set to be at 96%, in-line with the industry average.

What you really want to know is that this game sports a 40% hit rate, meaning that every four out of 10 spins you play will result in a win. This will help negate some of the risks in this game on top of helping you maintain your bank balance.


Bonus Features

In Gonzo’s Quest mobile slot, there will be two bonus features that will assist you in winning the big money. As critical as they are to all players, NetEnt has designed them in such a way that they are easy to understand and work in a simple manner.

First up is the Avalanche Reels feature. You will not need any symbols to activate this feature. It is automatically triggered every time you get a winning payline. Consequently, all the symbols above the symbols that have created the winning payline will mimic an avalanche and fall.


Gonzo's Quest Avalanche Reels


Finally, the now empty spaces will be replaced with brand new symbols, potentially creating a new winning payline. Assuming you win once again, the Avalanche feature takes place again. This feature only ends when your winning streak ends.

Oh, before I forget to mention, every avalanche win will be subject to a win multiplier and this multiplier simply increases with each consecutive trigger.


Gonzo's Quest Win Multiplier


The next feature in Gonzo’s Quest is the Free Falls bonus. To trigger this feature, you will need to get at least three Free Fall scatter symbols on adjacent reels.  Once activated, players will be rewarded 10 extra spins on top of a win multiplier attached to all your extra spin rounds. Best part is, after each win, the multiplier gets bumped up by 3x up to a maximum value of 15x.


How Does The Game Perform?

Like all the other recent slots coming out from NetEnt, this slot performs flawlessly in every imaginable way. What’s more impressive is that NetEnt has been able to optimize this game so perfectly for mobile devices that the experience it delivers it as good if not better than on PC’s. Back to Gonzo’s Quest, we absolutely loved the visuals and animations throughout the game.

Right from the intro, you will be immersed in the highest quality of animations. Make sure to keep an eye out for Gonzo during the Free Fall bonus feature. Getting this feature is almost like discovering the Eldorado itself. The guaranteed high payouts with the excitement from Gonzo will never fail to put a smile on your face.


Gonzo's Quest Graphics


The Feature That You Should Look Out For

The Free Falls bonus is hands down the star feature of this mobile slot for several reasons. For starters, it pays way more than the average bonus feature from NetEnt. Like way, way more. Every time you trigger this feature, you can easily be expecting to be walking home with at least 75x your spin wager (we are being ultra conservative here).

Secondly, this feature fits perfectly with the theme at hand. If you were an explorer and gave everything up to venture into the Amazon to find the lost city of Gold, only one out of two things can happen. It’s either you go home empty handed or you go home a billionaire. Same thing here. Triggering this feature may not be easy, but when you do, you can consider yourself a successful explorer.


Gonzo's Quest Super Big Win


And Finally…

Gonzo’s Quest is an amazing slot that will live on for a very long time regardless of what happens in the slot industry. NetEnt has developed a flawless slot with fitting features backed by a compelling story for all types of players.

Granted, this slot may tend to give players the ‘dry’ treatment every now and then, but always remember, in Gonzo’s Quest, patience is always rewarded. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to find your own city of Gold in Gonzo’s Quest! For now, who’s up for an adventure?

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