Guide To Bet Sizes In Slots And The Fine Art Of Wagering Correctly

mobile slot bet sizesThere’s surprisingly much you can do to change the outcome in a slot game. You can choose when to quit or use features that involve more player interaction. Some slots even allow you to gamble your winnings or choose bonuses in all sorts of manner. Aside from all this, you can also make your own luck by choosing the size of your bet and this guide is just about that.

Instead of just pressing the spin button and hoping for the best, you can choose how expensive – and rewarding – each spin could potentially be. In this guide to bet sizes, we’re going to explain how bet sizes work, why they’re here and how to use them to your advantage. The fine art of wagering correctly will make the difference between winning and losing it all.


Guide To Bet Sizes

guide slot bet sizesYou can change your bet size on every single online or mobile slot and it’s usually related to the number of paylines. If the minimum bet is 1p per payline, you’ll still have to bet at least 20p if the slot has 20 paylines. Unless the game allows disabling some paylines, that is. Nevertheless, your bet is essentially multiple bets on multiple paylines. Even if the slot doesn’t use paylines, the bet sizes are very similar.

Usually, there are two variables that make up a bet and set its size. First, it’s the coin value that you’ll use. Second, it’s the number of coins you bet on a single payline. If you’re using 10p coins and wager five coins per payline on a 10-payline slot, your bet size will be £5. Some slots allow to bet as much as £200 in a single spin or even more.

The real question here is: why are there different bet sizes in the first place? The larger your bet, the higher are the rewards. In modern slot games, the payouts aren’t fixed to a particular amount of money. Instead, they give you back a multiplier of your bet. Low paying wins might only give a 0.1x of your bet while high paying wins could reach 100x.

So, if you’re wagering £1 per spin, a decent win might return £5. However, the same combination will only give you 50p if you paid 10p in the first place. You can probably see where we’re getting at.  There are different strategies to setting your bet size as you’ll win more the greater your risk is. Let’s get to the fine art of wagering for some examples.


The Strategies Of Wagering In Different Bet Sizes

1. The First Rule Of Thumb

rule of thumbThe most important rule to keep in mind is not to forget what you’re doing. No matter what, you should stay within your gambling budget. Otherwise, this guide will be of no use to you. There’s a good reason why slots offer such a wide range of bet sizes and that is to make it comfortable for as many players as possible. While some people are fine placing minimum bets, others won’t think too much before betting £50 in a single spin. Don’t try to copy those high-rollers and don’t waste your bankroll — stick to your own guns instead.


2. Start Low And Move Up Gradually

With the budget issue out of the way, we can focus on the actual strategies. First of all, keep your wagering low if you’re on a new slot. Take your time to learn all the rules, technical data such as RTP and how the game actually plays out. Low bets will ensure minimal loss while you’re still learning the ropes. When you’re comfortable with it and know how to play it best, feel free to increase your bet size to a level that’s comfortable to you.


3. A Quick Big Win

A risky, but very lucrative strategy is to start with a very high bet right away. If you manage to land a decent win in a few spins, you can immediately cash out your fortune without suffering any losses. Alternatively, you can then turn your bet size down and use your large win for many spins to come. Of course, such luck doesn’t come often and if this fails, you’ll likely have to walk away empty-handed very soon.


4. Lose A Little And Win A Lot

big win slotsThe absolute best strategy would be to lose only small bets and win only large bets. So, ideally, you should constantly change your bet sizes according to the situation. Unfortunately, we can’t know whether the next win is going to be a winning or a losing one. The problem is that every spin is random and the myth of hot and cold slots is just not true.

This means that, ultimately, you’ll have to trust your gut. For example, most people will lower their bet after one or two consecutive big wins. It’s just unlikely that a slot would pay out tenfold many times in a row, even though it’s random and theoretically possible. When they feel a next big win brewing up after a few spins, they will increase their bet again.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t – we never said there’s a guaranteed way to win. It’s the fine art of wagering correctly and it all depends on you. There’s no calculating it but, hey, that’s what makes casino slots so exciting, doesn’t it?

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