Fortune Frenzy Casino Guide To Withdrawals (With FAQs)

The best Pay by Phone casinoYou’ve found Fortune Frenzy, opened an account, deposited funds, made the most of all the bonuses available to you, enjoyed all the amazing games we have on offer, and now you have a load of winnings sitting in your account just waiting to be claimed. This is when you have to withdraw, and luckily, at Fortune Frenzy – unlike some other casinos – we make the withdrawal process crystal clear and easy to use. In this post we’ll run you through how to withdraw and answer some of the most common questions about withdrawing from Fortune Frenzy Casino.


How To Withdraw And Withdrawal Limits

It’s the greatest feeling in the world when you’ve managed to win a decent amount of cash at the casino and want to withdraw your winnings to celebrate with the money. Our aim here at Fortune Frenzy is to make it as quick and easy as we can to withdraw funds from your player account, so that you can be enjoying your winnings as soon as possible. There’s just a couple of steps to make a withdrawal.

Withdrawing at Fortune FrenzyTo make a withdrawal, you’ll have needed to make a deposit before, and you’ll find your withdrawal options under the same tab at ‘Account Services’ as when you made your deposit. On pulling up the menu, you’ll have options as to how much you want to withdraw, and by which method. Once you’ve selected these and confirmed the withdrawal, all you need to do is sit back and wait for the payment to process.

There are some limitations to your withdrawals, however. Firstly, you are only able to withdraw using the same methods you used to deposit (unless you used a virtual credit card or mobile phone bill deposits, in which case you can claim a bank transfer or cheque). This is a security feature designed to prevent criminals using casino accounts to launder money.

Another limit you need to be aware of is the limits to the values of deposits you can withdraw. Each withdrawal method has a lower and upper limit, which go like this:

  • Credit / Debit Card: minimum withdrawal of £20, maximum withdrawal of £20,000; only five withdrawals a day
  • Paypal: minimum withdrawal of £10, maximum withdrawal of £1,000; only one withdrawal a day
  • Bank Transfer: minimum withdrawal of £1,000, no maximum
  • Cheque: no limits


Fortune Frenzy Withdrawals FAQ

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Bonus Wagering Requirements You may run into difficulty trying to withdraw your casino funds if you’re yet to meet our wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are our way of ensuring that we don’t go bankrupt when offering players the generous bonuses our casino features.

Basically, when you receive bonus cash at Fortune Frenzy, you’re required to wager it a set number of times (usually 40x) before you can withdraw it. We’ll let you know if this is why your withdrawal isn’t working. Luckily, all you have to do to fix the problem is play a little longer, which is hardly bad news anyway.

Why Can’t I Choose A Different Withdrawal Method?

As a licensed gambling operator, we have an obligation to ensure that our site isn’t being used by any criminals to launder or transfer money in an illegal way. One of the ways we stick to these rules is to ensure that anyone withdrawing money from a casino account is the same person who deposited the funds into the account in the first place, and the most sure-fire way to ensure that is to only allow you to withdraw using the same method as you deposited.

Of course, there is the exception of if you’ve used a virtual credit card, or deposited with Boku, in which case we can make a bank transfer or send you a cheque. In this case, the bank account must be in your name.

What Can I Do If I’ve Met My Withdrawal Limit?

Unfortunately, the limits are there for a reason and once you’ve reached them, you’ve reached them. Unless you want to close your account for good, there’s no way to withdraw beyond your limits. This said, the limits are relatively high, and you shouldn’t run into this issue too often, if ever.

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