happy woman gamblingNearly 50% of the 5 million mobile gamblers across the UK gamble exclusively on their mobile phones, according to Colin Burrows at last week’s Mobile Gaming and Gambling Summit.

2.2 million people in the UK access mobile gambling sites purely on their smartphones, having never used a betting shop or even their desktop to place a bet.

PCs still dominate the market with an audience of 16.5 million – over three times the size of mobile (though it is worth adding that this number doesn’t consist of gamblers who play exclusively on desktop).

According to Burrows’ statistics mobile gamblers still tend to be male. A significant 76% of mobile gamblers are male, but equally female engagement is growing at a rapid rate. The majority of mobile gamblers fall into the 25 to 34 year old age group, which comes as no shock considering studies before comScore’s have had very similar findings.

The amount of smartphone users in general continues to rise, with a huge 88 per cent of people in this age group owning one, which is unsurprisingly over the national average. In terms of devices, there isn’t that much disparity between the statistics, as 47 per cent of mobile gamblers are iOS users, whereas 42 per cent are on Android.

Mobile gamblers range from occasional users to dedicated players, with about a third accessing sites every day, and over half using them approximately once a month.

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