Jewel Heist Slot Game Review – Can You Steal The Jackpot?

jewel heist game reviewMeet the new software developer – Magnet Gaming – and their newest progressive jackpot slot called Jewel Heist. It’s an exciting 3D slot operating on a high-end engine, supporting two jackpots and giving joy to a large crowd of Fortune Frenzy players. As soon as you’ll see it in action yourself, you’ll know why there’s so much hype, but we’ll totally understand if you want to read about it first. That’s exactly what we’re here for.

In this game, you’re a skilled thief who wants to lift a bank or a treasury of some kind. We aren’t given many details, but it’s clear that the object is highly secured and protected by multiple means like video cameras, security lasers and reinforced glass. That isn’t surprising either – the building is full of crystal clear jewels and something even better than that.

Jewel Heist Game Basics

jewel heist slot winSpeaking of the gameplay, it’s a 5-reel slot with 17 winning lines. There are jewels on the reels, jewels in the bonus games and jewels everywhere else. Only some of the scatter symbols don’t feature jewels, but they do trigger bonus games where jewels can be found. Aside from those bonuses, the main game is fairly simple and has no extra features. There are no wilds, nor multipliers, re-spins or other features.

On the other hand, the fact that Jewel Heist slot has two progressive jackpots is used very well because there are three different bonuses and all of them lead to these jackpots. Compare it with games that have similar features but only one way to win the jackpot and you’ll see that you’ve got some good chances here. Clearly, this is the right kind of game if you’re willing to go after the super big win.

Jewel Heist Slot RTP

This doesn’t mean that you should steer clear of Jewel Heist if progressive jackpots aren’t your cup of tea, though. The game boasts a surprisingly high RTP of 96.5%, which means the house edge is only 3.5%. Therefore, you should be able to last quite well in the base game. A few decent wins and you can usually activate a bonus feature or two without much of a loss to your initial bankroll.


Jewel Heist Bonus Features

jewel heist game chanceBonus features improve Jewel Heist slot RTP much more significantly than the usual spins. Some scatters is all you need to activate these bonuses too. There are three of them in total, and we’ll cover each one in turn.

The Heist is triggered by two blue scatters. In this bonus, you’ll find six columns of gems that you can collect, starting from the top. There’s a limited number of moves but some jewels also grant additional moves, so you can collect most of these gems if you’re lucky enough. There’s a jackpot chance at the bottom of one column too.

The Game Chance is triggered by three black scatters. There, you will get a chance to trigger one of the other bonuses or a chance to win either the big or the small jackpot. What’s more, there’s no way it could go wrong because you will never leave empty-handed.

Finally, the Break-In bonus is triggered by four green scatters. Once you do, you will come upon another 5×3 grid, except the symbols there are hidden. You will have to pick them to reveal and claim various jewels. One spot hides a camera which will abruptly end the bonus round, but you can also trigger two jackpot chances if you reveal half and all the jewels in the grid respectively.


How Does the Game Perform?

jewel heist big winJewel Heist game uses HTML5 technology and 3D graphics, so it looks as good as any other recently released slot and it runs just as smoothly. This also means that you can play it on any device as long as the casino you play at offers the options. In our own experience, we’ve been playing it for hours several times and had no issues whatsoever. So, if you try it at Fortune Frenzy, positive experience is guaranteed.

As for performance in terms of gameplay, Jewel Heist slot stands surprisingly well and there are few other titles which could offer so lucrative odds and present it all in an entertaining manner. We realise, however, that it can’t be everyone’s favourite and a pretty featureless base game might deter many players before they reach the exciting parts.


The Features You Should Look Out For

jewel heist jackpot winThe most important thing to remember when playing Jewel Heist is the fact that each bonus has a way to grant you both the small and super jackpot games. Even if you don’t hit the actual jackpot, these chances still offer amazing cash prizes that are often much more valuable than jewels available in the bonus games.

Essentially, every time you get a chance to win the jackpot, the game will randomly select one of five prizes, only one of which is the big prize. Additionally, in the small jackpot game, one of the four remaining cash prizes is replaced with the ‘super jackpot chance’ too.

Probably the easiest way to reach the final and most lucrative room is via Game Chance bonus, where you’ve got a 50% chance, be it just a random one. On the other hand, Break-In bonus features two chances. The small one is relatively easy to hit (with a chance of roughly 53%), while the big one is extremely difficult. The Heist bonus is high-paying in its own right, but hitting the jackpot there is quite difficult in comparison.


And Finally…

jewel heist slot gameplayWe hope this Jewel Heist slot review was informative, taught you how to play Jewel Heist and what to expect from it. Although the game is programmed to be comparatively lucrative to most players, those who seek progressive jackpot wins will probably like it much more than the rest.

The slot is definitely worth the attention of slot fans as it combines good payouts and unique bonus games with decent graphics, good music and immersive effects. In short, it’s a must-play for everyone who likes to try out new slot releases from time to time because it’s definitely different from anything you’ve played before.

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