Lady Of Egypt Mobile Slot Reviewed — Re-Spins Galore!

Lady of Egypt Feature ImageYou simply cannot ignore a slot game that is made up of hundreds of years of history. The Lady of Egypt slot by WMS is one inspired by the Egyptian civilization that dates all the way back to 100BC. That said, this mobile slot is designed around the best of Egyptian heritage including one of the wonders of the world, the pyramids.

The aspect that attracted our attention the most though, are the slightly unconventional reels setup that the Lady of Egypt offer. It is only so often that slot developers treat us players with more interesting slots like these, so the innovations are always a nice addition. In true Egyptian spirit, this slot also offers prizes up to a staggering 20,000x in its jackpot!


Game Basics

As previously mentioned, the Lady of Egypt slot sports a slightly unconventional reels setup called the Speed Spins. In total you will have 10 reels on your screen but during gameplay, you will only be utilizing three of them at any time. What this means is that your active reels will be of a 3×3 setup paired to 9 paylines.

Whenever you win something, three active reels will move two steps to the right, now covering reels three, four and five. Following consecutive wins, they will keep moving to the right until the tenth reel, which coincidentally is where the 20,000x cash prize Jackpot is.


Lady of Egypt Small Win


Besides, as you proceed down the reels, all your wins are subject to a bigger win multiplier. As a result, successive wins that you get will exponentially increase the payouts. You can start playing Lady of Egypt from a mere 35p and may raise your bets all the way up to £175 if you wish to do so.


Lady of Egypt Normal Win


Judging from the payout characteristics of this game, we can confidently say that Lady of Egypt is of medium to high variance. Most of the wins that you will be getting will be of small value; the only time you will be able to make some money is when the win multipliers come into play. The Return to Player (RTP) rate in this game stands at a decent 96.1%, but you will need loads of patience to earn back what you have wagered.


Bonus Features

Like all WMS slots, Lady of Egypt sports a great set of bonus features. For starters, there are the Wilds, and they will replace all other symbols except the scatters to complete winning paylines. Extra spins are also offered in Lady of Egypt slot and they are triggered when you get three or more scatter symbols anywhere on your reels. Here are the details:

  • 3 scatter symbols – 8 extra spins
  • 4 scatter symbols – 12 extra spins and 10x your spin wager as a cash prize
  • 5 scatter symbols – 16 extra spins and 25x your spin wager as a cash prize
  • 6 scatter symbols – 30 extra spins and 50x your spin wager as a cash prize


Lady of Egypt Big Win


Last, but not least, are the massive jackpots on the tenth reel. The prizes range all the way from 350x your spin wager to the unbelievable 20,000x that all players have their eyes on. To get there, you need to win consecutively in the base game. No special symbols are needed for you to win the jackpot.


How Does The Game Perform?

With 10 reels in play, we had our doubts that Lady of Egypt will perform flawlessly on mobile devices. Thankfully, WMS has proven us wrong – this slot works brilliantly even on the smallest of screens we tested it on.

The Speed Spins feature are very well executed and, the little animation that this game packs are beautifully made. Then, there is the theme. Every symbol and element in the game has been scrupulously to fit the Ancient Egyptian theme at hand.


Lady of Egypt Wild Symbols


Lady of Egypt is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Those of you who happen to own older devices shouldn’t worry as this slot performed without any issues or lag on our three year old Galaxy S5. We are glad that this slot also loads pretty quickly despite having a complicated set of reels and visual effects.


The Feature That You Should Look Out For

It is pretty obvious here that the best and the most unique feature are the Speed Spins. Not only is this feature super innovative, it also succeeds in elevating the whole gaming experience by inducing loads of suspense in the gameplay.


Lady of Egypt Final Jackpot Multiplier


In any other slot game, winning small amounts of money will probably not matter at all, but in Lady of Egypt, in makes all the difference. By winning (even 1p counts), players are awarded a extra spin on top of a win multiplier. Not to mention that you will be another step closer to winning that massive Jackpot!


And Finally…

Overall, we have to say that we are thoroughly impressed with WMS’s Lady of Egypt. The unique gameplay that it offers all the way to the stunning theme is a proposition that few other mobile slots offer these days. Throw in the 20,000x Jackpot that this game offers and now it is in its own league.

We know that we are nitpicking here, but we wished that the average payout in this game was a little higher. If you are not careful, this game could cause a huge dent to your wallet. Otherwise, Lady of Egypt is an enjoyable slot in and out.

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