Le Chef Slot Review — A Slot Serving Some Tasty Treats

Le Chef LogoMagnet Gaming’s Le Chef is a tasty slot to whet the appetite of slot enthusiasts worldwide. Whilst not quite packing the punch of high variance slots, Le Chef is a slot which delivers the possibilities of very decent wins all played out in a stereotypical French restaurant.

Le Chef is the main character and his Parisian establishment is attempting to gain favour from the demanding French food critics. With Le Chef struggling to cope with the competing demands of running his restaurant, your job is to help him in his endeavour and garner the approval of the food critics. Two progressive jackpots are up for grabs in Le Chef, and there are four bonus features with each offering something different.


Game Basics

Le Chef Cheese Win

It appears that Magnet Gaming’s aim was to create a slot which is fairly basic in design and gameplay but has character and a sense of originality which lures you in. That is the impression we get when testing this enjoyable slot.

You can look elsewhere for stunning graphics and with 3 reels and 8 paylines, the options may seem limited. But once those slots get spinning you quickly begin to appreciate the simplicity and overall feel of Le Chef.

From the chubby food critics, to the French accordion music and sausages hanging from the ceiling, the slot succeeds in creating that stereotypical French feel. There is a pleasing, relaxing atmosphere to the game. Still, don’t be fooled, there are still some very exciting winnings on offer!

Simple in design and function, yet entertaining, likeable and potentially exciting, that is Le Chef in a nut shell. Wins are garnered through three-of-a-kind matches of food and restaurant-based symbols. Three-of-a-kind food matches win you coins of varying amounts depending on the match:

  • Three croissants win you 40 coins
  • Three soups win you 60 coins
  • Three cheeses win you 100 coins
  • Three cakes win you 200 coins
  • Three roosters win 400 coins
  • Three lobster win 600 coins

Bonus Features

Le Chef Bonus FeaturesLe Chef offers four distinct bonus features which are triggered by matching three symbols on any of the paylines in the basic gameplay. You can also access different bonus features from within a bonus feature.



Kitchen Time

  • Quite appropriately, Kitchen Time involves collecting dirty dishes; the aim is to gather as many dirty plates as possible to add to the pile in the kitchen sink
  • The more dishes you collect, the larger the prize
  • Le Chef may sell soup instead and you are similarly rewarded for every sale
  • If enough dishes are gathered a jackpot will be won
  • Other bonus features can be activated in Kitchen Time

Pick a Dish

  • In the Pick a Dish feature you enter a section of the restaurant which contains a number of unrevealed dishes
  • Each dish contains a prize of some kind. Coins of different amounts or bonus features will be revealed
  • You randomly select dishes hoping to reveal a particularly lucrative prize
  • When the dish is presented to you, you can either take the prize or opt for a different dish

Food Critic

  • The Food Critic feature is where it is make or break for le Chef. A three-course meal is served to the Parisian food critic whose curly, grey moustache is rather apt
  • You guess which ingredients the food critic will approve of
  • You will be rewarded with stars if your selections are favourable ones. 3 stars = 280 coins, 6 stars = 320 coins and 9 stars = a spin on the lucrative jackpot
  • You are guaranteed bonuses with the suitable selections
  • A frown face is, unsurprisingly, not a good sign and after a certain amount of them, the feature terminates
  • With approved ingredient selections, that big jackpot win moves closer
  • A handy feature is the cheese symbol, which rewards you with one more round in Food Critic

Bon Apetit

  • This feature takes you to the main dining area of the restaurant. It’s time to serve the public.
  • Each plate in this feature contains coin wins of different amounts
  • It is all happening at a hundred miles-per-hour, as Le Chef races around frantically serving the dishes
  • The round progresses with rolls of a die
  • With each successful serve, the coins add up or alternatively, bonuses are won
  • It is possible to win one of two progressive jackpots with the jackpot spin

How Does The Game Perform?

Le Chef is a slot perfectly compatible with devices of all kinds, so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your tablet or mobile should you wish to. Le Chef runs smoothly and effortlessly as you transition through the features.

This is a medium variance slot, so will appeal particularly to those gamblers who are more risk averse. The RTP of Le Chef stands at 96.5%. Le Chef offers a decent range of betting options, ranging from 10p to £8, which should please most gamblers. High variance slot enthusiasts may not be completely satisfied with Le Chef but will be happy with the progressive jackpots we imagine.

The Features You Should Look Out For

Le Chef, Dish on PlateThe two progressive jackpots up for grabs makes Le Chef a potentially lucrative slot. These jackpots can be won in the bonus rounds so naturally, these are features to look out for. Take particular note of The ‘Food Critic’ feature — which is a fun feature in and of itself –where the winnings can be significant.

Also, the possibility of entering different features from within other bonus features brings the prospect of significantly increasing your winnings.

Our Take On The Game

Le Chef is a simple yet rewarding slot. It certainly won’t blow your mind, but the concept of the slot, the cheerful setting and the very decent progressive jackpots on offer make this slot a great option for a relaxed spin.

Le Chef will probably make you laugh and brings a comical animated French restaurant to your fingertips. So why don’t you sit back, relax and take a spin on Le Chef today?

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