No Deposit Casino Bonus | Are You Getting Scammed?

With so many online casinos saturating the online gambling industry, it can be easy to fall in with the wrong kind.

A lot of the time, casino players will think that all online casinos offer approximately the same types of terms and bonuses – so they’ll settle for something average instead of looking for better.

The problem with this mindset is that you end up accepting terms that shouldn’t be acceptable at all. Indeed, a lot of casino terms allow them to make bank while only a small fraction of their players win anything at all.

So what should you avoid in a no deposit casino bonus? And what should you look for?

No Deposit Casino Bonus: Unacceptable Terms & Conditions

Most experienced players usually know to check out a casino’s bonus terms, in order to have a clear idea of what they truly stand to gain. But for newer players, it can be difficult to be realistic about how much of their bonus money they’ll really be able to cash out.

While it’s true that no deposit casino bonuses won’t be comprised of staggeringly high sums, you can still get your hopes up, especially if you get lucky and earn a few hundreds with them.

You don’t want to be providing a random casino with personal details and bank information only to get nothing in return.

High Wagering Requirements & Short Deadlines

In a great majority of online casinos, players will have a bonus balance and a regular balance. Your bonus balance is where bonus money & earnings will stack up.

This is non-withdrawable money.

The only way to withdraw that money is to convert it so that it appears in your regular balance. To do this, you must fulfill wagering requirements.

This is where unfair terms can come into play.

Are Sky-High Wagering Requirements Worth the Time?

Indeed, some wagering requirements are so high that players have an extremely small chance of actually taking any money home.

For instance, if you have a 45x wagering requirement on a £20 no deposit casino bonus, chances are very slim that you’ll actually be able to earn the £900 you’ll need with that tiny initial £20 bonus.

Inexperienced players may also believe that they can simply deposit more money in order to fulfill wagering requirements once they’ve lost their bonus funds. But in most casinos, you can only use bonus funds to fulfill them.

So you end up depositing money that you then cannot withdraw. Indeed, most casinos warn that any attempt to withdraw money before fulfilling wagering requirements will result in all your bonus funds vanishing.

In the end, players end up with wagering requirements to fulfill within a tight deadline, along with their own money stuck in their regular account. Not exactly a great, stress-free situation.

Capped Bonus Earnings & Withdrawal Conditions

Another issue you’ll get is that, once you’ve had enough luck to consistently get earnings with your bonus funds, you might not actually get to withdraw all of them.

Say you manage to hit a jackpot with your no deposit casino bonus winnings. If the terms state that bonus earnings are capped at £50 for instance, you’ll have to watch the rest of your winnings vanish.

Dormancy Issues

This is a very important one to look out for, because in this scenario it’s not just your bonus winnings that will vanish.

If you decide that you want to take a break from gambling, some casinos will freeze your account and ask verification if you want to come back. However, some may take more drastic action after barely several months.

Casinos may go so far as to deduct a certain percentage of your casino funds for every month of inactivity. In certain cases, they may even take the totality of your funds in one go.

Best No Deposit Casino Bonus

So, what should you ideally look for in no deposit bonus terms? Well, first of all you should always make sure to look at gambler reviews to see if any other players are complaining of scams.

But as a general rule, try to aim for a no deposit casino bonus that has:

  • No wagering requirements (yes, these do exist)
  • Small wagering requirements (under 20x)
  • Withdrawal conditions that don’t require depositing
  • Account dormancy terms that don’t include fund confiscation

Also, as some casinos sometimes keep obsolete information on their site, it can be a good idea to contact their live chat to make sure their bonus terms are up to date.

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