Pay by Phone – Will the New Apple iPhones Change Anything?

The long-awaited annual Apple conference took place on Wednesday 12th September. Apple announced the release of new devices, some expected, some not expected.

What impact, if any, will Apple’s new iPhones have on mobile gambling and pay by phone payments? We explore what the answer to this question might be in this article.

What Happened at the Apple Conference 2018?

Apple ConferenceThe Apple conference is always a spectacle of tech power, grandeur and prestige. Within the speeches and self-patting on their backs, Apple released the news tech enthusiasts were waiting for.

Apple announced the release of three new iPhones and an upgrade to the Apple Watch at the conference.

  • The high-end iPhone X model will be upgraded
  • 5.8-inch iPhone XS entering market
  • 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max entering market

Apple also announced the launch of a new lower-end phone too, the iPhone XR, which surprised many onlookers.

The iPhone XS and XS Max will hit the shelves from Friday 21st September, whereas the iPhone XR will be available from the Friday 26th October.

New Apple Phones, New Times for Online Gambling?

One thing we can infer from the Apple conference is that mobile casino gaming is going to be faster, richer and altogether more impressive on the new iPhones.

Truthfully, Apple didn’t reveal much about how the new iPhones will actually function at the conference. There is probably not going to be anything remarkably different or significant with the new iPhones, though a standard upgrade of camera quality and processor speed is to be expected.

Still, with faster technology and crisper graphics, mobile casino gambling will look and feel better on the new iPhones. Simply put, there probably won’t be any device which delivers the kind of quality the iPhone will for mobile gambling.

Pay by Phone Payments

pay-by-phone-1-638Let’s be honest, the latest phones on the market resemble mini-computers rather than phones. As the technology and capability of phones increases, it seems likely that this will lead to more pay by phone casino payments online, on mobile and beyond.

Pay by phone payments are incredibly simple and convenient, providing gamblers with an effortless depositing method.

If you are sitting back on your most favourite mobile casino on your new phone, what better and easier way to deposit than via the pay by phone method?

Also, considering mobile casino use is increasing year upon year the likelihood of more pay by phone payments increases daily.

To give you some indication of the growing popularity of mobile casino gambling, a UK Gambling Commission report released in February 2018 stated that 39% of online gambling in 2017 was conducted on mobile devices, which was a 10% increase on the previous year.

Apple Conference – The Bottom Line for Online Casinos

The new iPhones do not appear to be offering any ground-breaking features which will significantly impact on the online casino landscape.

However, the new iPhone will have a fresher design and feel with at least some upgrades, making mobile casino gambling even more enticing. This is true of any new phone hitting our shelves.

Mobile casino gambling is becoming more and more popular regardless. When you combine this trend with new phones with brand new technology and capabilities, there can only be one result: more mobile casino gambling.

Consequently, it seems likely that pay by phone payments will increase alongside increased mobile use for online gambling.

Do you have an opinion on the new iPhones or the Apple conference? Did anything stand out? Was it disappointing? Were you expecting more? We invite you to comment below if there is anything you would like to say!

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