The Post Office has announced it is launching a mobile network to rival other services such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda.

Pushing the envelope

The Post Office is aiming to launch their new service online this autumn with an initial 50 branches selling the mobile product followed by a complete roll-out by the end of the year.

Post Office

With the Post Office using the nation’s largest mobile phone network EE for its infrastructural support it claims it is a significant milestone in its development strategy with regards to providing a better quality of service for its customers.

Customer service with the Post Office has faced criticism in recent years as the introduction of self-service kiosks in branches have been blamed for damaging community spirit in regards to removing the human, personal aspect.

However, in relation to the mobile phone market the Post Office isn’t the only high-street brand launching its own service. Businesses such as the Co-op and 24 other so called ‘virtual’ service providers rely on EE, O2, Vodafone and 3’s networks.


Nevertheless, the Post Office claims that with its 11, 500 branches working in harmony with its call centre and online facilities the foundations will be in place to offer a real credible alternative solution from other market players.

This new phone service will complement the Post Office’s home and broadband service which already has 500,000 regular customers.

With the Post Office’s split from the Royal Mail in 2012 the government owned business hope these renewed efforts will eventually turn in a profit.

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