Sea Hunter Slot Game Review – Return to Form for Play’N Go

Sea Hunter Slot Logo Play’N Go has been having quite a rocky time of late. The developer has been lampooned over its last couple of releases, which critics have complained of being too formulaic and lacking in originality; interesting then that the company would decide that the best direction to go after those complaints was to another game which revivifies one of the most common tropes we’ve seen in slots over the last couple of decades.

Sea Hunter – a cartoony, marine themed game – brings very little new material or ideas to the table, so what’s Play’N Go thinking? Well, chances are instead of appealing to the new and futuristic, the company is hoping that this new slot will have somewhat of a retro appeal to fans who have been enjoying oceanic video games since way back when.

Game Basics

The ways in which this game is a throwback starts with the reels layout itself; the game has just 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 paylines. While we’re sure this setup isn’t to everyone’s taste, it’s certainly going to appeal to the kind of player who considers themselves to be a fan of classic styled games. Despite the underwater theme, there’s also a kind of steam punk aesthetic in the game (the reason for which we’ll get onto in a moment) but this also adds to the sense of this being a retro game.

While most underwater games tend to highlight the mellow and chilled out nature of the oceans, this slot is way more frenetic, with the action taking place at a surprisingly fast pace. This means that, though you’ll see sea life such as octopuses and turtles coming up on the reels, they’re going to whizz by accompanied by music you might otherwise associate with an action slot.

Bonus Features

Sea Hunter GameplayAll the bonus features you’ll find in the game take place in the main action, without any cutaways or mini games, however the features are pretty compelling nevertheless. The most common feature that’ll be thrown up again and again is the wild, which is a proximity explosive that can substitute for any other symbol in the game. Unfortunately, the wild don’t have any multipliers attached to it.

Where the real fun begins, though, is with the cannons. That’s right: cannons. Did you not wonder what the ‘Hunter’ part of this game’s title was all about? The reels are flanked by two steam punk inspired cannons, which charge up with consecutive wins, and award bonuses to your symbols based on how may wins you’ve hit. After 2 consecutive wins, you’ll get your first bonus, and this goes for 4 levels up to 6 consecutive wins. If you lose, the meter games back down to zero.

After 2 wins, you’ll activate the Growth Gun Cannon, which elevates all of one kind of symbol on the reels to the next higher symbol on the paytable. Get 4 wins, and you’ll activate the Sticky Shot Cannon; cannons will target one kind of symbol and make them all sticky while you get awarded a respin. If you manage to get 5 wins, you’ll activate the Wild Warhead feature, in which the cannons will fire between 1 and 3 wilds onto the reels in a random configuration.

A for if you get 6 wins… well you’ll just have to read on to find out…

How Does the Game Perform?

Play’N Go isn’t called Play’N Go for no reason; this developer trades on the high levels of mobile optimisation players can experience with its games. this means that whichever kind of device you play on, the high definition graphics are going to look great, and especially with a slot with less clutter and fewer reels like this one, the controls are super easy to handle on a smaller screen. This game is all set up to be perfect for mobile.

In terms of who this game is for, the fact that you can only wager between £0.05 and £100 means that it’s not really going to appeal to the really big spenders out there, but is sure to catch the eye of those who are after a little more of a predictable and dependable, medium variance slot. This demographic is reinforced by the fact the slot boasts a return to player rate of a relatively high 96.64%. So if you’re into weird, fast paced but relatively low risk action, this game is likely for you!

The Features You Should Look Out For

Sea Hunter Slot PaytableBasically, you want to make sure you land at least 6 consecutive wins at some point while playing this slot. This will activate the Multiply Mortar Cannon; in this feature, you’ll receive a Win Spin, which is an extra spin which guarantees a win. Not only is a win inevitable, the value you land from the spin will be multiplied by a random number up to a possible x15!

This is hands down the most profitable feature in the game!

And Finally…

While this might not be the most exciting game in the world – especially if you line it up against the kind of slots that NetEnt and NextGen have put out in the past month – there’s no doubting that Sea Hunter has a good deal of appeal to the right kind of player. It has a surprising amount of fast paced action to thrill you, and the idea of having cannons on the side of the reels to deliver you bonuses is pretty much inspired. This can definitely be viewed as a return to form for Play’N Go who has really failed to wow with the previous two slot leading up to this release.

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