Social Responsibility: Why Some Mobile Casinos Get Fined

problem gamblingWhile gambling can be a lot of fun, problem gambling should always be taken very seriously. This is why it’s the duty of all mobile casinos to identify it when they see it and do everything they can to help prevent it. There are casinos, however, that do not and they are punished for it most severely. It’s understandable that, even if you do everything in your power to stop it, some problem gambling slips through the cracks.

Yet, we’re not talking about those casinos. We’re talking about the mobile casinos that are outright neglectful or lazy about their responsibility and allow too many of their players to fall into addiction. This is what happened to a popular UK gambling operator and they got fined massively. So, how and why do mobile casinos fall to the wayside when it comes to their moral duty, and can anything be done to help them be more vigilant?


A Hefty Fine

UK Gambling Commission LogoThe utmost gambling authority in Britain, the UK Gambling Commission, discovered that the 888 Holdings Group (one of the biggest gambling organisations in the country) has made massive oversight in their problem gambling measures. As a result, they have slapped a huge fine of over £7 million onto them to compensate for this failure.

The commission claimed that the fine reflects “the seriousness of 888’s failings to protect vulnerable customers.” They also went on to say that the funds should go to those affected and hope that this fine serves as an example of what can happen when mobile casinos do not keep on top of relegating the issue.

It all began in May when the Gibraltar-based company admitted to having their operational standards reviewed by the UKGC across the organisation. The investigation lasted three months and at the end of that time, the UKGC discovered that £3.5 million had been deposited by players they deemed to be suffering from gambling addiction, thanks to a technical failure.

This technical failure had been allowed to occur for just over a year in which one problem gambler, for example, lost  over £1.3 million in a period of 13 months. According to the UKGC, this player even went as far as to steal £55,000 from their employer just so that they could gamble.


Dire Consequences

888These were the consequences of 888’s negligence, who have since apologised and promised to commit to the guidelines in future. Since they ignored the technical fault, the repercussions ran deep. Not only were many players now considered ‘problem players,’ but other people in those player’s lives were affected by it too.

This is why watchdogs like the UKGC are strict when it comes to these regulations. And although the general standard of problem gambling is at an all-time low, companies could always be doing more to help prevent it. Last year, it was reported that 0.5% of players in England considered themselves to be problem gamblers, which sounds like an insignificant figure.

However, that’s only the people who believe themselves to be problem gamblers. That’s not even considering the amount of people, who don’t think that they have a gambling problem or are in denial about it. This is why it falls to mobile casinos to recognise it and deal with it. Effective measures should be not only be put in place, but regularly updated to ensure maximum efficiency. Of course, some players might fall through the cracks, but as long as they are caught quickly then the casino has done its job.


Am I A Problem Gambler?

gambling slot addictionOf course, to help mobile casinos and the UKGC fight addiction, there are measures that players themselves can take to help prevent it. If you feel like you cannot go a single day without gambling, if it is all you can think about and you go out of your way to get money for it, even steal, then it’s probably time that you seek help.

There are plenty of gambling addiction helplines you can contact for advice on how to curb your addiction and plenty of people willing to help. Remember, you’re not alone in this and it’s never too late.

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