Starburst Slot Review — NetEnt’s All-Time Beloved Slot


Today, we’re reviewing a classic. A NetEnt slot that has been in our gaming library for a number of years now, Starburst still tops the charts in being one of the few truly great slots out there. Many websites have praised its simplicity and casinos have promoted it along with themselves so that you know that the content they have is absolute quality.

Having said that, though, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding Starburst. It is, after all, given so much attention that many people tend to look past what flaws it might possess. Is it as good as all the casinos make it out to be or is it just a marketing tool? Let’s take a look and find out in our full review of one of NetEnt’s more legendary slots.

Game Basics

Starburst is a simple game for players who love simplicity in their mobile slots. It is a 5-reel, 10-payline structure that makes for somewhat limited yet effective gameplay. You can play from as little as 20p per spin or as much as £20. It’s pretty fast-paced and exciting and the animation assists with this. It’s one of the few NetEnt games that employs as little multi-dimensional gameplay compared to other content. Whether this is due to its being an earlier slot before their main objective was to make more innovative ones, or if this is a deliberate choice on their part is uncertain.




Having said that, there are quite a few different symbols that trigger different kinds of combo wins. It’s the kind of slot that some may find to be lacking a little in the dynamic gameplay department. However, this is why it’s the perfect slot for beginners. There’s enough here to keep them occupied but not too much to overwhelm or confuse newcomers. That being said, perhaps more could have been done.


Bonus Features

This section is going to be rather short because, basically, Starburst has no bonus features. Aside from the special Starburst and Bar symbols that make up bigger wins than just aligning ordinary symbols, there’s nothing here for the player to grapple with. No bonus games, no free spins round, not even any multipliers. While simplicity normally is better, we can’t help but think NetEnt were rather lazy in this department and just thought the main game would be good enough.


starburst touch


We do think they should have pushed for more content. It’s one thing to have a game be simplistic but bare-bones in this day and age is almost unforgivable. Then again, what is there is pretty fun so it’s hard to be angry about this.


How Does The Game Perform?

Starburst performs beautifully. Literally everything about this one is eye candy and not only is nice to look at on desktop computers but the touch (mobile version) is just as good. Whether it’s because of the simplicity or whether it’s because NetEnt have developed a sophisticated multi-platform engine is hard to say. It is nice to look at, regardless, with smooth animation and bright colourful graphics that are very pleasing to the eye.




Sound design too is pretty awesome and the game overall has transcended current technological advancements despite having been made three or four years ago now. Perhaps this is why it’s so widely popular.


The Feature That You Should Look Out For

While not a core feature with the game, you should definitely look out for casinos that hand out extra spins that can be used with Starburst. They tend to be pretty generous and offer more than 50 to players that are new to their start. This is a perfect deal as it gives new players something to start with, making it the ideal introduction into video slots in general.




Yet again, though, this is a feature of casinos and not of the slot itself, which is what we are judging here. In terms of aesthetic, there are no contenders. In terms of gameplay, it arguably fall short of the mark.


And Finally…

Want to play this game? Head over to any NetEnt casino today for your chance to win some cash with Starburst. In fact, you can play it in our gaming library right here at Fortune Frenzy. Just search for it the search bar and it should come up. Starburst is a slot with lots of popularity than it probably deserves but that by no means makes it a bad game. Not at all.

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