Towards the back of end of April we conducted some research about how people use their smart phones, and it threw up some rather interesting facts!

A whopping 53% of respondents admit to playing mobile games whilst at work, particularly shocking when it turns out that this is potentially costing the economy a huge £355 million per year. The results go on to say that on average, we spend about an hour a week gaming on our phones when we should in fact be working.

According to the survey, most of us are habitual phone checkers, with 57% of us admitting to looking at our phones every ten minutes or less. This seems fairly hard proof to me that our smart phones are becoming integral to our lifestyle.

It’s crazy to think that in only 2005 a YouGov survey found that 80% of us considered it unacceptable to check our phone in the workplace, whereas these days only 9% are averse to reading a text at work.

I know what you’re thinking; you could easily live without your phone! Maybe so, but this research went on to discover that 65% of people have admitted to even using their phone in more intimate situations such as on the toilet! I can only assume for reading material, but even so, these kinds of smart phone habits aren’t particularly hygienic.

With a wealth of different apps and games available it’s no wonder that we are all dependent on our smart phones to cure our everyday boredom. Although our results were somewhat amusing, and some figures were rather surprising, I can’t say they’ve come as a massive shock!

Check out our press release for more details

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