pay by phone casinoIt’s common knowledge among many mobile players, especially those who make a mobile deposit on a regular basis, that paying your deposit by phone has its fair share of criticism. Many of these criticisms tend to be misinformed at best or completely fictitious at worse.

However, some of the perceived ‘myths’ surrounding mobile deposits are based in some form of truth. Whether that is the most tenuous connection to reality or seeing things from another point of view, we have three mobile deposit ‘myths’ that are, in some way, true.


1. Not Every Casino Has It

no currency accepted gbpWhile making a mobile deposit is slowly becoming a lot more universal across all mobile casinos on the web, not every casino in existence has it yet. We think this will definitely change in the near future but for now, if you join a casino with the intent of making a mobile deposit, it’s always best to check to see if they have it first. If you don’t see the Boku logo or if that casino doesn’t work as well on mobile as it does PC, you can be sure that you won’t be able to make a mobile deposit there.

Having said that, making a mobile deposit is commonplace enough to be practically universal. You can guarantee that no matter which casino you join up with, they will most likely have it. Still, it’s always good  to check. You don’t want to fall into the habit of not doing your research properly. Doing so could prove a costly mistake.


2. You Might Need A Credit Card

credit cards VISAThis one has much more basis in fact. For most people in the UK, they either pay for their phone bill through one of two ways. The first is through pay-as-you-go credit. Put money on your phone and use it as much as you like until you run out. Players can take money from this credit balance to make a mobile deposit, up to a reasonable limit of £30 a day, of course. So that’s one way of doing it; the other is through adding your deposit to your monthly phone bill.

So, yes, if you pay your mobile deposits through your monthly phone bill, technically you would need a credit card for that, or at least a bank account. Payments are always conducted through direct debit, something that cannot be achieved without a card number. So when people say a credit card isn’t needed, that is only half-true. The process of paying your deposit does not require a card of any kind. However, paying off the debt will require a card if you choose to do it a certain way.


3. It Could Cause Confusion

confusionProbably the least believable of all these ‘myths’ but nevertheless widely believed is that making a mobile deposit is confusing. So confusing, in fact, that you can lose track of your spending. While this is largely untrue, newbies to mobile depositing could be confused by the process  and spend more money than they intended. It takes practise and experience to anticipate all the nuances of making a mobile deposit, even if the process itself is incredibly easy.

On the other hand, this confusion if it ever comes is very short-lived. If you make the oversight of failing to read instructions you can easily google, then experience would teach you never to make any unnecessary mistakes again. Making a mobile deposit should be an easy process. It was designed to be that way. Don’t play yourself as a fool by making it more complicated than it needs to be.

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