The Top 5 Pay By Phone Billing Methods Used At Mobile Casinos

pay by phone casinoWhen it come to pay by phone billing, not every casino player (especially new ones) are familiar with all the companies that provide that service. After all, it’s not like mobile casinos always explain everything as they just kind of expect you to know. Hence, we think it’s important for players to know the difference and what they can get out of each service that provides pay by phone billing.

There are five primary ways you can do it and all of them have their benefits and drawbacks, naturally. So, let’s take a look at them all in no particular order so that you can make your mind up on which one you would like to go for when you next make a mobile deposit.


1. Boku

Boku LogoBoth ubiquitous and useful, Boku really gets the job done when it comes to pay by phone billing. Its simple, streamlined approach to processing payments makes it a favourite of ours in particular as it makes mobile gambling accessible to all kinds of players, especially those who operate on mobile.

It is widely used among many casinos and sends out an SMS confirmation system that provides an extra level of security to all payments. It’s also incredibly fast. It’s main drawbacks only stem from the fact that it is a pay by phone billing option in that it has a daily limit of £30 and cannot make withdrawals. Otherwise, it is close to perfect.


2. Zimpler

Zimpler LogoMade for online players by online players, Zimpler is the deposit scheme that only needs your phone number to operate. Pay by phone billing has never been simpler with Zimpler and is a perfect example of the forward-thinking mentality of the industry.

The fact that it’s also tailored specifically for mobile gamblers, too, means that any issues to do with their payment scheme can be dealt with much more effectively than a catch-all mobile payment scheme like Boku. However, other than the fact that it is made for mobile players, there’s nothing all that unique about Zimpler and it could elevate itself above others through a mobile app. Hopefully, some point in the future we might see one.


3. Paysafecard

logo paysafecardPaysafecard is the pay by phone billing scheme that allows players to put credit onto a single card which they can then use across a range of websites. A very good thing about Paysafecard is that it’s incredibly secure, not to mention even more widespread than Boku.

And the best thing about it? It doesn’t even require a bank account or a credit card to use. Simply put cash on it, locate a place to make a transaction and use it. It’s that simple. The only downside would have to be the fact that many players have complained about a severe lack of decent customer service on their part, which is a little disappointing. Overall, however, it is quite reliable.


4. Trustly

trustly logoLike Zimpler, Trustly is another Swedish pay by phone billing method that has become widely used among many mobile casino in recent years. Unlike other methods, there appear to be no limits to the amount you can deposit and every payment you make has a doubly encrypted transaction that is both easy to complete and incredibly secure.

However, it’s biggest downside is that it doesn’t quite use SMS confirmation transactions, but allows you log into your multiple bank accounts in the same instant. This is useful but at the same time not truly mobile. At least it’s secure, though.


5. Payforit

payforitLastly, we come to Payforit — a pay by phone billing service that you can bet will certainly be there among the other options, because it’s almost synonymous with the term ‘pay by phone billing’. Its limitations, like Boku, are only that which are inherent to pay by phone billing options, but even that is a compliment because it can even do withdrawals.

However, the time the withdrawals take are way too long. It can take up to five days for your funds to appear and by then it could be too late for whatever you needed it for . On the other hand, your privacy is definitely ensured by Payforit through it’s incredibly tight security system.

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