Fortune Frenzy’s Top 5 Reasons To Play At Live Dealer Tables

Live BaccaratThe only way you might not have heard about live dealer casino tables in the last couple of years is if you’ve been living under a rock. The live dealer revolution may have begun back in around 2013, but there’s no doubt that it’s just reaching its zenith today. If you’re uninitiated into the world of live dealer tables, you might well wonder what all the fuss is about, but honestly, once you’ve tried them, all doubt will evaporate.

For those, who are still on the fence about whether to try live dealer, we’ve put together this quick guide to the top 5 reasons to try out live dealer casino games. Don’t forget that Fortune Frenzy has at least eight different live dealer tables available at any given time, but if you don’t like what we have on offer, many of our partner casinos also offer dozens of other live dealer options.


1. Human Interaction

Do you love playing table games at online or mobile casinos, but crave the idle chat and warms of human interaction that land-based croupier casino games offer? Well, allow us to suggest a simple remedy: live dealer tables! When you’re playing at live dealer tables, you’re able to chat to the host via text and they can respond to you in real time. Ask them questions, celebrate wins or simply engage in chat. In that sense, live tables offer a much greater level of interaction than your regular online and mobile casinos.

Some of the more VIP live dealer suites even allow players to chat to each other, broadening the opportunities for human interaction even further. If you’re after someone to chat to as you play – live dealers really might be the right option for you.


2. Don’t Trust RNG

Live Casino FilmingWe can 100% guarantee that all of the games you’ll find here at Fortune Frenzy, as well as any of the casinos we recommend, conform to the UK Gambling Commissions requirements for fairness testing. Yet there’s always going to be a certain kind of player, who just sort of doesn’t trust the random number generators used to decide the outcomes on video casino games.

If this sounds like you, the answer to your concerns may well be live dealer tables. In them, the outcome is decided by the totally random draw of a card or spin on a wheel, which you can witness yourself first-hand. We’d never recommend being too sceptical about the games you’re playing, as most casinos are going to treat you right, but if you’ve got that nagging doubt…


3. Personalised And Intimate Experience

Computers don’t know what you’re like. A video casino table game treats every single player alike – that’s how it’s programmed, and it can’t behave in any other way. However, if you’re playing at a live dealer tale, you’ll be interacting with a real live human being, who can tailor the service you receive to fit your needs and personality.

Depending on where you play and how often, the live dealers may even come to get to know you, your betting patterns and what you’re like, meaning you can enjoy a personalised experience whenever you visit.


4. Chilled Out Pace

Fortune Frenzy Live Dealer Games

One of the most common criticisms of modern video casino games is that, because the games are run by machines, the pace is too fast and unmanageable. Not only can it often be hard to keep up with the computer brain, there’s the chance/danger for you to lose huge amounts of money in relatively short amounts of time.

With live dealer tables, the speed of play is slowed right down to that of traditional casinos, meaning that you always know what’s going on and those losing streaks never seem to bite too hard. We’re not saying you’re not going to lose, but the pace is just that much more sensible so you can adjust your bet size and manage your budget much better.



5. Great Replacement For Land-Based Casinos

Let’s be honest: the first four entries on this list were basically reasons why live dealer tables are good as replacements for video table games at online and mobile casinos. Yet, they’re also the best stand-in options for those who prefer land-based gambling. Think of it this way. If you’re used to playing at the tables at real casinos, can you really expect to be satisfied by video table games? Isn’t that just going to feel like an empty copy of the real thing?

Now, live dealer tables — that’s something different. This is a simulacra of the real thing, just taken online! They’re the neat half-way point between feeling the felt under your fingers and tapping your fingers on your tablet screen. Whether you’re a land-based or online gambler, there are so many perks to playing with live dealers!

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