Imagine the scene if you will. It’s hot and balmy outside, the sky is blue with only the odd wispy cloud scattered around for company.
However, you’re slouched in your chair soaking up the atmosphere of the Wimbledon final with the pleasant whiff of fresh strawberries emanating from the kitchen.

All is well. That is until you’re hairy arsed dad barges in, snatches the TV remote from your hands and whacks on Extreme Sports.

Suddenly, you’re sat upright watching grown men tear lumps out of each other with their bare hands in the name of a sport you never knew existed.

May we introduce…Fortune Frenzy’s Top 5 sports you never knew existed!

Florentine Football

Every summer in the gorgeous surroundings of Florence, an ancient, hyper-violent sport takes place. Some Italians say that the sport is the father of modern football.

The sport, known locally as ‘Calcio Storico Fiorentino’ is a combination of football, rugby and pro-wrestling; needless to say things get pretty rough.

So rough in fact that in 2006 new rules were introduced into the game to ensure players are no older than 40-years-old and do not have any serious criminal records.

Another rule dictates that once a fight ensues between two players their respective team-mates cannot jump in and help out.

Taser Ball

Ultimate Taser Ball – also known as UTB – can only be described as one of the most extreme sports going. Two opposing teams battle it out in an electrifying game of chase ball.  Each team aims to get a heavy medicine ball into the opposing team’s goal whilst being tackled and attacked by loons running round with tasers.

Players can end up getting stunned around 40 times per game making them twitch and dropping the ball! Utter madness!

Chess Boxing

Board gaming duels fuel boxing ring bouts. Yes, Chess Boxing is a ‘thing’ and it’s super popular over in Russia apparently.

A complete match consists of eleven rounds: six rounds of chess at 4 minutes each and five rounds of boxing lasting 3 minutes long. The whole showpiece starts with chess, followed by the boxing. To win a competitor must either physically knock-out an opponent, win by a technicality or by achieving checkmate.

Extreme Ironing

If you look for the dictionary definition of ‘boring’ you’ll find Ironing as the main descriptor. There is nothing more mundane, more soul destroying than having to wade through huge basket of creased-up clothes…until now.

That’s right, you’re about to discover the dangerous world of ‘extreme ironing’!

Extreme Ironing started out in 1997 when a bloke from the UK decided to take his ironing outside. He and his friends devised the combination of extreme, adrenaline soaked outdoor activity with the most boring chore in history.

Now you can iron your socks as you bungee jump, ski or scuba dive…im-PRESSive.

Shin Kicking

The Brit’s are pretty good at inventing sports. Some are better than others admittedly, but on this occasion shin-kicking hits the spot, pardon the pun.

The general premise of the sport is to force an opponent to the ground by hacking and kicking the shin. The sport itself has been around since the 17th century and in some quarters it has even been called a martial art, especially by Cornish miners.

Today, the sport still attracts thousands of spectators – even more so at the World Shin-kicking Championships.

If you’ve come across some sports for the first time let us know in the comments below! The more bizarre, the better!

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