Treasure Coast Slot Game Review — A Handful of Features

treasure coast game reviewImagine you were on a beach that is famous for making people rich. Whether it’s some valuables dropped and lost in the sand or abandoned belongings of someone who was living in a nearby bunker, those who dare to venture over there come out with their pockets full of riches. Would you test your luck?

Treasure Coast slot offers this very opportunity. With a handful of hot features, you’ll find many ways to make your wallet heavier than before in this game. So, the last thing you’ll want to do is sit on the beach and just enjoy the sun.

Treasure Coast Game Basics

Placed in front of a beach panorama with seagulls in the distance and boats in the water are the three reels you will be spinning for big wins. There are eight paylines to keep in mind and twelve symbols to make use of. Combinations of symbols like the beach ball, glasses and a camera will simply pay some credits, while symbols of posters will trigger special bonuses and features.

Every time you form a winning payline — whether it’s a simple win or a bonus feature — you’ll get a re-spin with a multiplier. For the first re-spin that’s 2x, but if you win again during a re-spin, you’ll get yet another free round and the multiplier will go up to 3x and, finally, 5x.

Treasure Coast Slot RTP

treasure coast slot gameplayTreasure Coast slot RTP is 96.5% and it has a high variance. Even the lowest symbols pay out more than your bet and the multiplier increases those wins tremendously. However, eight winning lines are not as much as it seems and hitting one in a 3×3 layout isn’t that simple. The chance of that happening is actually quite low in the base game.

What makes the game truly worthwhile and potentially profitable are the bonus features. In fact, Treasure Coast is a progressive jackpot slot featuring two separate jackpots, so the tight base game is not a surprise at all. What’s more surprising is the return to player rate because in most jackpot slots this percentage is much lower.

With that said, let’s take a look at the bonuses and what’s so special about them that makes the game’s theoretical payout rise above so prominently.


Treasure Coast Bonus Features

There are no less than five bonuses in the game. Six if we count the jackpot game in:

  • Let’s Play!
  • Boat Race
  • Flag Hunt
  • Lost and Found
  • Forgotten Gold
  • Jackpot Game

treasure coast boat race‘Let’s Play!’ is a simple feature in the base game. If the beach tennis symbol lands on the reels, another symbol will be randomly selected and activated. This applies to bonus features as well as the base symbols, awarding their worth in credits.

Boat Race is a mini-game that, in the form of a boat race, selects one of six prizes including three bonus rounds described below and three cash prizes. The first prize that is reached by a boat racing for it is what you’ll get.

Flag Hunt awards 25 extra spins which, on top of being free, awards you with additional cash prizes and even jackpot games if you collect enough wind tokens to raise the reward-carrying flags to the top of the pole.

Lost and Found is a mini-game where you get 14 moves to collect as many treasures buried under the sand as you can. The treasures themselves have cash values and if you collect certain sets of them, you can activate two jackpot games.

Finally, Forgotten Gold is the bonus feature that will send you into an old bunker near the coast. As you progress within, you will have the opportunity to collect gold bars and diamonds which trigger small and big jackpot games respectively. What’s more, you may trigger them more than once or even twice if you’re lucky enough.

As exciting as these bonuses are, nothing beats the jackpot games themselves, so you should do your best to reach them as much as you can. As for how that can be done effectively, you’ll just have to keep on reading.


How Does the Game Perform?

treasure coast forgotten gold bonusWe can’t call this slot the most advanced and it certainly doesn’t look like one visually. However, as far as technical performance goes, you should be able to run this HTML5 slot easily on desktops, mobiles and tablets of all kinds.

Since it’s a relatively new release, it’s been balanced and tested to perform without crashes, lags or other disruptions. So the only thing you should keep in mind is the battery of your portable device if you’re using one.


The Features You Should Look Out For

treasure coast jackpot winThere are two features you should focus on. In the base game, re-spin multipliers can increase your winnings several times, which is absolutely necessary to avoid losing streaks and to make your bankroll last longer.

When it comes to bonuses, jackpot games should be your priority. Not only can you win the super jackpot, which may have up to five zeroes before the decimal point, lesser cash prizes are also impressive and will likely return a good chunk of the cash you spent to get to that point, no matter how long you played until it happened.

Remember — all the bonus features can eventually lead to the grand prize, but the most likely way to do it would be via the Forgotten Gold bonus. Although you might miss the gold bars and diamonds entirely, there’s a lot to gain if you do get them because there are enough of those to activate each jackpot game three or four times in a single round.


And Finally…

treasure coast game winTreasure Coast is one of our favourite slots that use such a small grid. While we would love an occasional wild symbol on top of the current features, there’s still a lot to explore on Treasure Coast game, especially when bonus features come into play.

We’re pretty certain that jackpot slot fans will find this title different from other high-roller slots and in a good way too. It’s a welcome change where base game and bonus features are combined into a solid and very promising package.

Only one warning — you might need some patience and decent funds to make the best of it, but with enough dedication you cannot go wrong.

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