The Truth About No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Cash PresentNo deposit casino bonuses are often heralded as the holy grail of online casino rewards. After all, they promise to give you something for nothing. However, whilst there’s no doubting that they can be very lucrative, there are factors which can impact how rewarding they will be.

The truth is, no deposit casino bonuses are only worth picking up under certain circumstances.

So, we hear you cry, when is a no deposit bonus worthwhile? Well, in today’s blog post we’ll be talking about how no deposit casino bonuses work and what can impact their value. We’ll be looking at:

  • What a no deposit bonus is
  • What terms and conditions a no deposit bonus may carry
  • When you should take a no deposit bonus and when you shouldn’tWhat is a No Deposit Bonus?

Different Types of No Deposit Bonuses

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If you’re new to online casinos, you may be asking yourself – what on earth is a no deposit bonus? Well, as the name suggests, a no deposit bonus is a type of casino bonus which is handed out without you needing to make a deposit. So, essentially, it’s a completely free bonus.

Whilst, as we’ve just explained, a no deposit bonus is basically just a free casino bonus, there are different type no deposit bonus on offer at different casinos.

Below you can learn about the two most popular types of no deposit bonuses:

  • Free Cash Bonus – A free cash bonus does exactly what it says on the tin, it gives you free cash to play with before making a deposit. Usually, free cash bonuses are handed out in quite small amounts, between £5 to £10.
  • Free Spins – Similarly. a free spins bonus is pretty self-explanatory – it gives you a certain amount of free spins on the casino’s mobile slots. Sometimes, free spins bonuses are tied to one particular slot, a selection of slots, or can be played on any mobile slot the casino offers.

When Do You Recieve a No Deposit Bonus?

Most of the time, no deposit bonuses are given out as part of a welcome package. They are awarded when a new player signs up to a casino, allowing them to try out the casino before having to spend their own hard earned cash.

You may also receive a no deposit bonus, of the free spins variety, when a new game is launched at a mobile casino. Again, this is so that players can try out a game before having to spend their own money and it’s often awarded in the hopes that you will be incentivized to deposit and play more afterwards.

So, When Is a No Deposit Bonus Worthwhile?

Terms and Conditions

Reading all of the above, you may be a little confused as to when it would ever be the case that a no deposit bonus worth wasn’t picking up – after all, they’re completely free right?

Well, a no deposit bonus is only worthwhile if it’s not tied to a whole load of terms and conditions.

The problem is that, in actual fact, a casino doesn’t ever really give you something for nothing – they’re businesses after all. This is why it’s always important to read the small print.

Common No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

Below, we’ve listed some of the major terms and conditions you may encounter when picking up a no deposit bonus:

  • Wagering Requirements – A wagering requirement is a multiplier, which represents the number of times you need to wager the bonus before you can withdraw your winnings. So, for example, to withdraw winnings from a £5 bonus which is tied to wagering requirements of 10x, you would have to spend £50 at the casino site.
  • Maximum Win Amount – Sometimes, a casino may impose a maximum limit on your winnings from your free spins bonus. This means that should you win over that amount with the bonus, the excess is forfeited.
  • Expiry Date – No deposit bonuses are often also only valid within a certain period of time, which can be anything from 24 hours up to around 30 days. This means that you need to use the bonus before it expires – simple, really.

Three Situations Where a No Deposit Bonus Isn’t Worth Having

Now you know all about no deposit bonuses, and the tricky terms and conditions they may be tied to, the only thing left to do is to identify when you should not be picking up them up.

Below we’ve listed three scenarios you may find yourself in at an online casino, where a no deposit bonus isn’t worth having.

1. If You Don’t Wish to Continue Playing at the Casino

pay by mobile casino usIf you’re aiming to pick up no deposit bonuses at various casinos to pick up free cash, then think again. As no deposit bonuses are generally high wagering requirements, they aren’t worth picking up if you don’t 2.intend to keep playing at the site.

Think about it logically, if to get your hands on your winnings you have to clear wagering requirements of 30x, for example, then you’ll need to spend a whole lot of cash at that particular casino. Not ideal if you don’t even like the site.

2. If You Don’t Like the Game on Offer

As we mentioned earlier, no deposit casino bonuses can sometimes come in the form of free spins. Sometimes, these spins can be played on any slot at the casino, and sometimes they are tied to a particular game. Understandably then, there’s absolutely no point in picking up a set of free spins if they’re tied to a game you hate.

That being said, many online casinos (including here at Fortune Frenzy) understand that their players have preferences. This is why the most rewarding no deposit bonuses are those which are tied to the hottest and most popular slot games – the ones which players actually want to play.

3. If You’re a High Roller

cash in walletIt’s rare that you’ll find a large no deposit bonus, which is why they’re not really worth picking up if you’re a high roller.

Thanks to all the hoops you have to jump through to withdraw your winnings, if you want to deposit a large amount at a casino then you may as well go straight ahead and skip the welcome bonus.

What’s more, as some no deposit bonuses have a maximum win limit, you may find them to be inconvenient rather than rewarding.

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