Ukash Online Casinos: Using Paysafecard Vouchers At Online Casinos

paysafecard deposit methodUkash was an electronic payments company set up in 2005, which allowed users to exchange money for a 19-digit code to make payments online. The business ran for 10 years before it got acquired by Paysafecard, and it’s become the name under which the service operates now.

Ukash became popular due to its ease of use and security, which are of extreme importance when you’re playing at online casinos. As of now, people are able to purchase Paysafecard vouchers in over 600,000 stores across 46 countries, as well as online.

Paying With Paysafecard – Same As Paying With Ukash

In order to utilize the Paysafecard, users need to take the following steps:

  1. Set up an account on the site or app
  2. Add a deposit – these can be made online or through buying a predetermined amount from a local seller
  3. Once a deposit has been made, users will be issued a 16-digit PIN, which can then be entered when making a payment online

For the use in online casinos, simply navigate to the casino of your choosing’s deposit page, select Paysafecard as the option and enter the amount you’d like to deposit. Merely enter the PIN code to confirm the payment and the funds will be placed into your chosen casino account. Whether you’re using Paysafecard on desktop or mobile, it doesn’t matter. You can still deposit and play.

The list of online gambling providers that accept Paysafecard is growing every year. Due to the popularity of this payment method, especially in the gambling scene, more and more casinos are signing up. Currently, several of the most popular gambling sites offer the service. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • bet365
  • Betfair
  • William Hill
  • 888

These gambling sites, along many others, allow users to pay quickly and securely, while not having to give up any personal information. The fact that one doesn’t need to offer up any personal information helps tremendously, especially to novices, who may be weary and simply want to try their chances of winning a couple of rounds.

Advantages of Using Ukash/Paysafecard

thumbs up overratedThere are many benefits to using the Paysafecard when you’re gambling online, many of which are unique to this payment provider:

  • No fees when being used at online casinos
  • Easy to manage finances
  • Instant deposits both into the card or the game itself
  • Deposits are anonymous
  • Large number of casinos accept it
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Great opportunity for beginners
  • Mobile and wearable Paysafecard app

Let’s elaborate on some of these features. One incentive for making deposits with the Paysafecard is through the reward system. Each time a customer makes a payment through this method, they collect loyalty points.In turn, these loyalty points can be spent in Paysafecard’s my PLUS Shop, which features an updated list of offers, some of which are exclusive to the provider.

Basically, you get paid to participate in something you enjoy. On top of this, even more loyalty points are up for grabs if a customer refers a friend to the payment method.

Another feature making things simple for people using a Paysafecard is how the provider offers several amounts which can be purchased, depending on where you are a resident. In Europe, the amounts are broken down into five options:

  • 5 EUR
  • 10 EUR
  • 25 EUR
  • 50 EUR
  • 100 EUR

Perhaps an overlooked bonus to using the Paysafecard instead of a credit card is the limitation it sets on a player. So, if you’re worried that you could get carried away and spend too much, then this payment method is perfect for you.

It also makes the task of getting started in the online gambling scene a lot less daunting, since you’re assured that only a specific amount you’ve limited yourself to can be potentially lost.

Due to the breakdown in amounts a person can buy, people can easily play a few quick rounds without committing any further. Alternatively, those who would rather bet big straight away have that option without having to constantly check that they’ve not gone over their desired limit.

Either way, once the money on the PIN has gone, you need to get another one to continue, thus giving you greater control over your budgeting.

Disadvantages of Using Ukash/Paysafecard

There are also some disadvantages to using Paysafecard, though:

  • Casino users can’t use Paysafecard as a withdrawal method
  • Casinos don’t allow PINS to be combined
  • Convenience can be deemed lacking by some
  • Additional 2 EUR fee if the card hasn’t been used in 12 months

Psayfecard App Home ScreenTo some players, usually the veterans to gambling, the limitation of money on a PIN can be seen as a major downside. These players usually don’t want anything limiting their game, so they don’t have to be worried about topping up their Paysafecard. They also prefer to gamble with larger wagers.

This issue usually comes through the inability to combine the purchased PIN codes. While you may be able to do this at other retailers, especially in physical shops, any leftover money on a PIN card used to deposit in an online casino will remain on that card.

Also, due to the nature of this payment method, casinos don’t allow withdrawals to be made. Instead, they require an alternative payment method.

Players will also notice that there may not always be a provider of a Paysafecard PIN, that will be nearby or open. This issue can easily be solved through the Paysafecard app or online, where players wishing to buy a new PIN are able to do so with ease.

To summarise, the Paysafecard method makes the participation in online casinos quick and painless. With more incentives and rewards to use the PIN system being added continuously, who could pass up a chance to be compensated for doing something they love?

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