Why Are Video Slots The Most Popular Form Of Online Gambling?

mobile slot bet sizesWhen you mention the word ‘gambling’ to people, the first thing that usually comes to mind is card games like blackjack, poker and baccarat. This is understandable as our society portrays gambling through media as this either this glamorous experience in which a James Bond-like figure walks in a wins Texas Hold ‘Em whilst sipping their martini or something which could cause some serious addiction.

The reason we mention this is because online gambling is somewhat different. When people mention online gambling, the first thing to come to mind isn’t those card games, but video slots. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why: video slots are the most popular form of gambling on the internet. Why is this, though? Why not poker or blackjack? Why specifically video slots? Today, that’s what we’re going to take a look at.

Easy To Grasp

thumbs up overratedThe first reason why video slots take precedence in online gambling has to do with the fact that they are super easy to grasp. Imagine a slot machine in real life. It doesn’t take much to operate one, does it? All you have to do is pull the lever, watch your numbers come up and accept whatever winnings you get from the result. Easy-peasy! Sure, when it comes to video slots it’s a little more complicated than just spinning the reel.

It takes some knowledge of paylines and betting amounts to use them effectively but overall video slots are not particularly hard games to get to grips with. For many players, they are naturally going to gravitate towards video slots than they are to other forms of gambling which involve more complicated rules and require a bit more strategy. So if you’re just starting out in online gambling, video slots are the perfect outlet.


Lots Of Them

Casino.com SlotsThe most obvious answer as to why video slots are as popular as they are is because they’re so widespread it’s almost ridiculous. Even sites dedicated to other forms of gambling, such as bingo or sport betting sites, feature them and it’s considered to be the “norm” for any online gambling website to have them. You’ll find very few that don’t. Why are there so many of them? Probably because it’s an extremely viable market for software companies to break into.

If you make a video slot game, you’re more likely to attract attention and garner a lot more profits than you will be making at yet another poker game. Companies like NetEnt, Microgaming, Quickspin and NextGen currently dominate the video slot market. If your mobile casino doesn’t have any of their software, it doesn’t have much of a hope of getting a lot of website traffic. It would make sense, therefore, for mobile casinos to promote video slots above all else.


Most Promotions Tailored For Them

Casumo Deposit BonusBecause video slots are so widespread, casinos usually form seasonal, weekly or even daily promotions that encourages players to play them. If a casino’s welcome bonus offers 50 extra spins with NetEnt’s Starburst, the player is not so likely to go and play some blackjack now, are they?

Your first instinct is going to use every single one of those extra spins for all they’re worth. And why not? It would be a tremendous waste for players not to use them, not to mention that you could potentially win money for free if you use them appropriately.

That’s not even counting the limited-time only release promotions that casinos tend to do. Whenever a new slot from any of the above mentioned companies comes out, casinos go out of their way to bring as much attention to it as possible. So, why not offer a free cash bonus or some extra spins? With this enormously popular trend of making promotions around video slots, is it any wonder they are the most popular online gambling activity today?


Work Best On (Mobile) Devices

Finally, the last reason why video slots are so prevalent in online gambling is because, functionally speaking, they work well across a series of devices. They work on desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, almost every electronic device you can name. Well, a device with a screen and a WiFi connection, that is.

Because of the simplicity of a video slot’s mechanics, this means that it won’t take an age to load onto your device, it doesn’t take up much room on your device’s memory and it isn’t as battery-draining as the more complex forms of online gambling.

So, if you want to play live poker, you’re probably going to struggle with it more as that would require a connection with other players. Slots, on the other hand, can be played alone, therefore streamlining the process. Why not check out some video slots for yourself? We’ve got a whole library of them on our website here at Fortune Frenzy.

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