Why Aren’t All Online Slots Available to Mobile Players?

mobile-casino-gamesFor the vast majority of people who use a combination of desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, the lines between desktop and mobile computing are becoming increasingly blurred. As the capabilities of mobile technology grow, there are fewer and fewer things you can’t do on your mobile or tablet. It seems odd, then, that there are still a large number of slot games which you can’t access on mobile devices.

While you’d be hard pressed to find a casino which didn’t offer at least some mobile optimised games these days (that would be an unsustainable business model), there are many where the majority of slots can only be played on desktop. In this post we’ll explore why we haven’t yet got to the point yet where all slots are available on all devices, and look at how Fortune Frenzy is leading the way to a world of totally mobile friendly casinos.


The Different Technologies

HTML5 Logo So, the big question in all this is: what’s the difference between an online slot game and a mobile slot game? Well, without wanting to get too technical, it’s all about the coding language used to make them. Unlike online only slots, modern mobile slots are built using HTML5 technology – this is a great choice, as it offers the best way to get great graphics, fast mobile loading, and means that slots can effectively stream onto your phone, without the need for a download.

Because not all slots are made using this mobile friendly tech, it means that your phone simply cannot run them. There is, of course, a cultural shift taking place, as more and more developers acknowledge that the future is mobile, and endeavour to create more mobile friendly games, but a majority of games are still out of reach for mobile players.


Updating Old Games

The fact is, the vast majority of slots available at casinos are unsupported on mobile devices because most of them have been around since before making mobile slots was so much of an imperative. Until relatively recently, making just an online version of a game would suffice, and even now online has such a big share of the gambling market that it still makes financial sense to make online only slots. But this does raise the question: why not simply update old slots to make them mobile compatible?

Unfortunately, if a developer wants to update an older slot, or a slot not originally designed for mobile, and make it accessible for mobile players, they have to start from scratch using HTML5 technology. Although things like graphics don’t necessarily need to be remade, but pretty much every other element of game development has to start completely from the beginning. This means that it’s very costly and time consuming, and to add even more difficulties, it actually requires a different skill set from developers to make HTML5 games – so for some companies, they simply don’t have the expertise.

Some development houses are really good at taking time to update older games to make them mobile. For instance, NetEnt has a great track record for releasing Touch versions of their most popular online slots. Recent examples of NetEnt games which got the mobile treatment including Big Bang, Lights, and even the hugely popular Bloodsuckers.


Choose How You Play At Fortune Frenzy

Fortune Frenzy LogoOk, we have an admission to make; for all we totally support our players choosing how they play, we definitely have a bias. Fortune Frenzy is proud to call itself a mobile first casino, meaning that we are built from the ground up to be accessible and most attractive to mobile players. What this means in practice is that everything from the way our players navigate our site, and the bonuses they can claim to the games that are on offer are all tailored towards a mobile audience.

Don’t worry though, we like to accommodate all tastes here, which is why you can access our casino and enjoy all our game on desktops and laptops too. It’s our philosophy that you should be able to choose how you play!

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