How To Make Best Use Of Customer Service At Any Mobile Casino

The best Pay by Phone casinoWhenever you join a mobile casino, it’s inevitable that one day you’ll encounter an issue or a problem. Whether this problem is simply forgetting your password or your winnings not appearing in your account quickly enough, these issues can be a pain but should be easily resolvable.

Unfortunately, many players new to mobile gambling are unaware of the various methods to help solve said issues. There are several ways you can troubleshoot at a mobile casino and you should be perfectly aware of all of them so that your experiences are not hindered by something that could easily be resolved.


1. Check The FAQ Page

FAQ orangeMany mobile casinos have an FAQ page, which should be able to solve most basic queries. In case you’re unaware, FAQ manes frequently asked questions and a mobile casino can put it up if they feel it’s necessary because they don’t want a lot of emails asking things like: “How do I make a deposit?” when they could spend that time answering more complicated questions. It’s a useful blanket tool that can immediately solve a simple problem.

If you encounter a problem at a mobile casino, this is literally the first thing you should do. Check if the website has an FAQ page (because some of them don’t) and then take a look at the page itself to see if your answer lies there. If it doesn’t, or if the problem is unique/more complicated for an FAQ, then you can take extra measures.


2. Use The Live Chat Function

livechat bannerAnd those extra measures involve contacting the mobile casino directly. There are several ways this can be achieved. The first of these, and it’s an effective way if you’re a bit shy about making a phone call and want something more immediate than sending an email, is to use the live chat function. Most mobile casinos have a live chat nowadays and someone from the mobile casino’s customer service team is always on-hand to help you out if your issue is urgent.

We must ask you, though, not to abuse the live chat function. If you have a problem, be nice to the customer rep. They’re only human after all, and it isn’t their fault said problem is happening to you — they aren’t the ones running the website. They’re only there to help so keep this in mind. Also, don’t use it for anything else other than a troubleshooting tool. The rep has other things to do besides putting up with you flirting with them.


3. Make A Phone Call

phone on a trainAnother direct method of communication is, of course, making a phone call. This is a great method for customer service because not only can you describe your problem in more detail, but you get to listen to an actual human voice and feel like you’re having a proper conversation.

Because of this, more nuances can be communicated in your tone and inflexion, so the rep at the other end is more likely to have a better understanding of the issue you’re experiencing. On the other hand, it’s easier to get frustrated over the phone, especially when you’re put on hold.

It’s also difficult for the customer rep to disguise the fact they might not know how to resolve your issue. It is, nevertheless, a quick and effective way of communication, but should be used sparingly and only when you can’t solve an issue because it’s too complex for the previous two methods.


4. Email Them

email keyboardAgain, another way to contact the mobile casino is through email and most of them have one. If not, they will most certainly have a submission form for you to fill out the nature of your problem and they will endeavour to answer as soon as they can. But that is the problem with this line of communication — it’s not immediate.

If you’re problem tends to be urgent than this can get in the way of solving the issue. Timing could very well be of the essence so we recommend you use this one for a problem, which can be solved within a few days rather than at once.

Conversely, though, you do have more opportunity to go into your problem in great detail, so the problem is more likely to be solved quicker, as opposed to one suggestion being made thanks to a single sentence through live chat but doesn’t actually solve anything.


5. Send A Letter

LetterBit of an old fashioned sort of way of getting your issues solved, but people still do write letters and post them to the mobile casino’s address. They all have one and they can usually be found at the bottom of every webpage. If not, then you can find it on their “contact us” page.

But this, out of all the customer support methods, is definitely the slowest and most rarely used. Not only do you have to take time to write the letter, but you have to physically go out, put it in a post box and wait for at least a week for a reply. This is why sending a letter is always a bad option. Not unless you’re going to…


6. File A Formal Complaint

complaintYep. This is most definitely the last resort if all other mobile casino customer support methods have failed. Secretly, nobody wants to go through with this but if the customer service at this mobile casino is negligent, rude or even outright appalling then you may have no choice.

Keep in mind that sending a complaint to them isn’t the only option. If their treatment of you as a player is so bad that you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy, then it might be a good idea to go higher and complain to the UK Gambling Commission so that they can take further action.

Most cases, however, you’ll find the casino higher-ups will be more than cooperative when they find out their customer support staff aren’t doing their jobs properly. After all, it affects their reputation and, by extension, their business.

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