The Difference Between Online Gambling Strategies, Tactics And Systems

gambling tacticsIf you’ve been a part of online gambling for a while, you’ve probably heard the terms gambling strategy, gambling tactics and gambling system several times. Some of you may have already engaged with them. Others, however, probably haven’t. If you’re one of the latter, you’re probably gazing at those three terms and wondering: “Aren’t they all the same thing?” 

Our answer is that, for two of them, yes but not quite. They are related but are also quite different from one another and it’s important for online players to distinguish them for better online gambling.

Online Gambling Strategy

Hand drawing a game strategy

So, when it comes to online gambling strategies (or gambling strategies in general), what is meant by that term? First, let’s take a look at the dictionary definition of the word ‘strategy’. It is a defined plan of action created to produce a certain set of desired outcomes or conclusions to something. There are no rules to abide by here and are usually more general, meaning you can be as flexible with your online gambling strategy as you want.

A good example for an online gambling strategy would be to play as many progressive jackpots as you can with up to £20. Not much of a strategy but it does count as one. For a more real life example, you can employ a gambling strategy of playing your cards close to your chest in poker (this is literally where the idiom sprang from) or you can  be liberal with your bets to full your opponents into a false sense of security. Although, the latter is more of a individual tactic… The lines do blur quite often.


Online Gambling Tactics

Online PokerSo, as you can probably guess, online gambling tactics are more individual actions rather than a whole game-plan. These can happen on a dime or they can be pre-ordained. Again, there are no set rules in what you should do with these tactics as long as they aren’t illegal in the rule book of the game you’re playing. Think of them as the smaller steps within a gambling strategy — a stepping stone to help accomplish an objective.

It helps to use online gambling tactics if you know how the game works, too. For instance, in Baccarat, there’s no way the player can influence the outcome of each bet, meaning their options are only limited to how much they can bet and how often. The house edge is the same regardless what happens so you’re best tailoring your tactics accordingly.


Online Gambling Systems

scam alertSo what do online gambling systems entail? They are supposed to help you control the odds of a casino game but they usually involve some kind of con. Surely, you’ve read countless pieces on countless websites telling you they’ve “cracked the code” of online gambling and offer you these magic ways you can beat the house odds. Yeah, these are lies. They haven’t and they never will.

Whilst in real-life card-counting could offer good results (though we do not encourage it), click-baity titles like “How to Win Money from Video Slots Every Spin!” or “Beat Video Poker with Our Perfect System” are all scams. If you ever try to use these systems with online gambling, and especially when it comes to online slots, you’re going to be massively disappointed. Because here’s the thing: they don’t work! And if you pay for these systems… Well, more fool you.

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