What’s The Actual Difference Between Phone Bill Deposits And E-Wallets?

Mobile Phone in a WalletAt Fortune Frenzy, all of our players are offered multiple ways to deposit at the casino. We want everyone to feel comfortable and to be able to fund their accounts in a way that suits their needs. You can deposit at the site with a credit or debit card, with prepaid vouchers or via a mobile depositing method.

Two of our most popular depositing methods are mobile friendly, and these are e-wallets and pay by phone billing. We allow players to deposit via Neteller, Skrill and PayPal, which are all e-wallet services, and through Boku, which uses your monthly phone bill.

Both of these two types of depositing method can seem pretty similarĀ at first, especially if you’re new to the world of online casinos, but there are a few main differences which set them apart from each other. If you’re considering using either one, then read our guide to see which suits you best.


Ease Of Use

Username and Password Log InOne of the biggest differences between e-wallets and phone bill deposits is the registration process. For most e-wallet services, you will have to set up an account by creating a username and password, adding personal information and linking up your bank account.

E-wallets work as a sort of middle-man between your bank and the casino, to shield your payments and make them more secure. Whilst this makes e-wallets are incredibly useful, setting up an e-wallet account can sometimes feel very tedious.

In contrast, phone bill deposits don’t require you to create an account at all. All you need to make a phone bill deposit is a mobile telephone number. Furthermore, even though the name suggests that the method can only be used by pay-monthly-users, this isn’t true and it can be used by pay-as-yo-go customers too. This means that you don’t even need a bank account to make a pay by phone deposit.


Fees & Charges

No Hidden Fees Here at Fortune Frenzy, we never charge any of players any transaction fees, no matter which depositing method you choose to use. However, there are sometimes hidden fees that players forget to take into consideration when they’re funding their accounts.

For instance, some e-wallets will charge their players a commission fee for using the service. This means they take a small percent from you each time you make a transaction. You may, however, have never noticed this cost before. This is because the percent is usually relatively low, set at around 1.5%. Still, money is money and if you’re funding your casino account regularly it can add up real quick.

In addition, e-wallet services may impose further fees if you don’t use your account often enough. These are usually issues after an account has been dormant for a year or more, so they shouldn’t be a major concern for regular players. Still, it can be quite annoying to be hit with charges out of the blue.

In contrast, if you use pay by phone deposits, you’ll never have to pay anything extra. As the deposit is simply processed as a payment on your phone bill, there’s no need for the service to have to cover costs such as maintaining your account or exchanging currencies.


Internet Connection

Men Setting Up Internet ConnectionFor most e-wallet services, you will need internet to make a deposit or to manage your account. Both of these can be done via computer or mobile, and each way has it’s disadvantages and advantages when compared to phone bill deposits.

Pay by phone deposits only need you to be able to send a text. This means you do need signal on your phone, but the text can’t get lost or fail — it will simply come through once your phone gets a signal again. However, this does mean that pay by phone deposits can’t be made via a computer — so if you’ve lost your phone or it’s simply out of battery, you’re in a bit of a pickle.

On the other hand, whilst e-wallets can be used on a desktop computer, it means that if you’re not connected to wi-fi, you’ll need to use your mobile data if you want to make a deposit on your phone. Now, we’re all aware how patchy 4G, and even 3G, can be in parts of the UK. This obviously becomes even more frustrating when all you want to do is play some great games!

As you can see, e-wallets and pay by phone deposits are very different. Although we don’t like to think everything’s a competition, we do have to hand it to phone billing. It seems like they outstrip e-wallets at every turn. That being said, we do understand that different players have different requirements of their depositing method, so whatever you choose, just make sure it’s the one that fits you best.

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