trustly logoMore and more casinos are allowing players to deposit using Trustly – a mobile based payment option recently imported from Scandinavia. There are plenty of reasons why players would like to get their mobile casino deposits processed through this method, ranging from convenience and ease all the way through to security and speed, but there’s one question that haunts this deposit option, and mobile players on their toes.

Although Trustly markets itself as a mobile payment solution, does it count as a true mobile deposit option in the style of mobile phone bill depositing? To try and answer this question, we’ve taken a look at the arguments for and against looking at Trustly in these terms, and have come up with an answer of our own.


How Trustly is Like Mobile Phone Depositing

Boku LogoSo, let’s start off with the really obvious point that unites the two deposit options. The key reason Trustly gets penned into the same box as phone bill deposits is that when you’re making a deposit with this method, you only have to use you mobile phone number.

With Trustly, this effective acts as the password into your account, and you are sent an SMS asking to confirm any payment you make, just like with phone bill deposits. It’s this key similarity which make both super convenient, but it’s not the only element that unites them.

There’s also the point that there are similar protections for deposits made with Trustly as with phone bill deposits. Because you never have to enter your bank details in the casino, not only are the deposits a lot quicker and more convenient, it means that your money is safer too. Of course, Trustly does still require bank or card details to work, so you might not consider it totally safe.

Of course, Trustly can be used to make withdrawals too. The fact you can only deposit using phone bill payment (having to use cheques or bank transfers for withdrawals) has been a constant thorn in the side of phone bill depositing players, who want a holistic banking method. By offering a withdrawal function, then, Trustly might actually prove more attractive to phone bill deposit players than even phone bill deposits!


So, Is Trustly A True Mobile Depositing Option?

Woman Gambling on Mobile Phone Well, we think that what this boils down to is whether Trustly appeals to the same players, who are using other mobile depositing options. And, to be perfectly honest, the jury’s out on that one. If a player is using mobile phone bill deposits because they enjoy the convenience it offers, and the need only to have your phone number to hand, then there’s every reason why they might give Trustly a go and find it a really good fit for them.

However, there’s definitely going to be a whole load of other players for whom mobile phone bill deposits are their choice because they don’t have access to, or don’t want to use, a bank account or credit card to make their deposits. Because Trustly requires one of these payment methods to be able to work, it’ll certainly put off these players.

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