Would Using Multiple Depositing Methods Make Your Life Easier?

pay by phone casinoOf all the decisions we make as casino players on a daily basis, one of the biggest ones is how we are going to fund our accounts. Whilst for casino newbies it may seem like a simple matter of convenience and simplicity, casino veterans will be quick to warn you that the payment method you choose can really impact your online casino experience, and so it should be carefully considered.

This is because different depositing methods each come with their own caveats, advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, each casino you visit may deal with depositing methods in a different way to the last, so you must look out for things such as depositing limits, eligibility for promotions, withdrawals and more.

Once you’ve found your perfect depositing method, however, it can feel very tempting to stick with it through thick and thin. After all, it’s the one that suits your needs best. Be that as it may, should you consider using multiple payment methods when visiting the casino? Today we look at the pros and cons of employing more than one depositing method and how it could make your casino experience better, or worse.



Why Would You Want To Use More Than One Payment Method?

For those who have never even considered using more than one depositing method at an online casino, the notion may seem absurd. Surely you’re just making things more complicated for yourself and giving yourself more stress? Well, whilst some of this may be true (we’ll talk about the disadvantages of using multiple payment methods later), for many casino players it’s actually something they’re pretty used to.

Depositing Methods at CasinosOne of the main reasons why players may use multiple banking services is because not every method is suitable for all situations. For instance, Boku and Paysafecard users must use a different method to cash-out of the casino, as both methods do not allow withdrawals due to third party restrictions. For many, this means creating an e-wallet account, as they generally allow for the fastest withdrawals, or using a credit or debit card.

Another reason why it might be necessary to use more than one payment method is if you’re a member or more casinos, or would like to be. Different online casinos accept different payment methods, naturally, and so you may find that what was perfect at one casino, isn’t possible at another. Furthermore, having multiple payment accounts gives you a much greater choice of casinos to chose from, and allows you the freedom to move between them with ease.

Players may also think about using different payment methods if their casino is imposing certain restrictions. For instance, some casinos do not allow players to pick up welcome bonuses and promotions if they’ve deposited via a certain banking service. More commonly, however, players decide to opt for a new method when they’re feeling restricted by depositing and withdrawal limits. For example, payment services such as Boku have low daily depositing limits and so if someone wants to splash out one day, they may choose a different method.

Overall, using more than one payment method is an attractive option if you want to get the very best of your casino at every possible turn. It can save you both time and money, and allows you to be flexible with where you want to play and what benefits you want to pick up.


So, What’s The Downside?

As with everything in life, there are disadvantages to paying with more than one depositing method and these must be considered before you dive in feet first.

Username and Password Login DetailsTo begin with, using multiple banking services to deposit and withdraw at online casinos means that you’ll need to manage more than one banking account. As we mentioned earlier, this can seem complicated and setting up a new account can be a bit of a hassle.

Moreover if you’re using e-wallet services, which require you to deposit into them before depositing into the casino, you can end up with your money spread out and this means that not only are all your funds not in the same place, but it’s much harder to budget and keep track of your spending.

In addition, multiple payment accounts mean multiple log in details. This isn’t the biggest disadvantage ever, but it can be annoying to have to remember several different usernames and passwords at any one time. It can also mean your phone starts getting clogged up with numerous banking apps, and that you must give your personal details to more than one website. This in turn, can leave you more vulnerable to internet fraud as hackers then have more places to target you. Of course, this can be curbed by making sure all your login details are unique, although this makes remembering each one even harder!

It’s up to you to decide if the positives of using more than one depositing method outweigh the negatives, but we think it’s definitely something to consider if you’re finding your current payment service to be restricting or difficult.

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