Why Aren’t All mobile Players Using Mobile Deposits?

pay by phone casinoIf you’ve been following us or any other mobile gambling blog for a while now, you’ve probably heard –countless times — how brilliant mobile deposits are. They’re quick, easy and make things a hell of a lot more convenient for any mobile gamblers out there who move about far too often to justify the use of any other deposit method.

You hear all this, yet you must wonder: “If mobile deposits are so great and they really are the future, why doesn’t everybody already use them?” That’s a very good question and it’s definitely worth exploring further, so let’s take a look at all the variables and see why everyone hasn’t sworn loyalty to mobile deposits as of yet?


Imperfect System

boku mobile casino deposit screenWhile this certainly isn’t the biggest factor as to why not everyone uses mobile deposits, the fact of the matter is mobile deposits are not as perfect as everyone says they are. Sure, they’re great — brilliant even. But there’s one pretty big flaw that’s hidden in plain sight. It’s strictly a one-way system: mobile deposits only make deposits. You cannot make a withdrawal using services like Boku or Zimpler, as it simply doesn’t work that way.

Unlike PayPal, Neteller or even basic credit card transactions, you can’t take cash from your wagering account at the drop of a hat. Mobile deposits are, simply, not designed for that. You’d have to switch to a different method anyway in order to make a withdrawal, so why stick to mobile deposits? We’re not saying this is the correct way to view things, and having mobile deposits certainly has many benefits, but it’s hard to see past this inherent flaw.


Too Many Myths

confused figure with question markFact of the matter is, there are many common myths about mobile deposits which are untrue. However, many players still choose to believe them. There are myths especially surrounding the security side of things. Many seem to think that the system is flawed because of the lack of a username and password, and that anyone could use your funds thanks to a fairly simple SMS confirmation system.

Again, we’d argue that this is completely false, rumour does spread pretty fast and although we don’t like to call people gullible, they are more likely to believe the sensational lie than fact. That’s especially true when it comes from someone you trust. Yet, this will doubtlessly effect popularity in any case, whether myths are based in some truth or not.


Brand Loyalty

Boku, PayPal, Skrill LogosThe other big hurdle that mobile deposits have to get over is brand loyalty. More specifically, the players who have to get over their brand loyalty (to companies like PayPal, Neteller, what have you) in order to want to use it. Why should they convert when their method works effectively enough already? And when you consider the downsides that they have… Well, that’s even less reason for players to surrender that loyalty.

Competition sucks, but that’s just the way our capitalist world works. Companies like Boku will just have to advertise more and try harder to put themselves out there as an alternative method of payment so that they have a chance of converting other people to using mobile deposits.


A Last Resort

man mobile phone happyAnd the final reason not everyone uses mobile deposits is purely because of the general perception of them. If you ignore the myths or have no issue with the whole one-way depositing flaw, even then it can be hard to embrace it. Because of their convenient nature, people just view them as a last resort.

Say all your other, traditional deposit methods fail you this month, you’re a bit short on cash, or wish to just use it as a stepping stone to other payment methods… If you’re that sort of person, you’re unlikely to want to ever use mobile deposits again. Okay, well, that might be dramatic. But you’re not likely to take it on as your full time favourite payment method if it’s just a nice, handy Plan B.

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