Is Boku Still The Best Mobile Deposit Method At Fortune Frenzy?

Boku LogoWhen it comes to mobile industries and practices, everything is changing very fast. New mobile technologies allow us to do more and make the life easier for us. New services and practices introduce original ways to deal with various tasks. In case of gambling, we can now visit mobile casinos and do everything solely on our mobile phones: from playing to cashing in and out.

Yet, even in the niche as specific as mobile casino payments, new options appear from time to time. The market is constantly changing and new deposit methods offer alternative ways to deal with casino payments. Keeping this context in mind, we should ask ourselves the question — is Boku mobile still the best mobile deposit method?


Why Did Fortune Frenzy Choose Boku?

boku mobile casino deposit screenBoku mobile is the Fortune Frenzy’s choice of pay by phone bill service. It’s not the only one there is, but we chose to offer our players an option to pay by Boku instead of other mobile payment services for more than one reason. At that time, we thought it was simply superior to other options and it was more popular too.

Boku is one of the largest phone bill payment companies in the world. It’s independent and doesn’t associate itself with any mobile network provider, though it processes payments from many providers around the world. Its popularity is directly proportional to the quality of the service. Boku allows their users to deposit at their favourite mobile casinos easily and quickly.

The mobile network provider pays directly to the casino instead of the user who does the deposit. The provider then charges the user at the end of the month via their phone bill if they’re on a contract. Or, if they’re ‘pay as you go’ users, the amount is withdrawn from the phone credit right away. This way, a bank card is not even needed to play at Fortune Frenzy. It’s a simple solution, yet it brings many benefits.

First, it ensures anonymous and confidential casino deposits. All the deposits are listed simply as premium SMS messages, so it’s impossible to tell what the real purpose of the payment was. Second, it’s also extremely secure as payment is verified by an SMS message, so no hacker will be able to interrupt the process. Third, it’s very easy and fast because making a deposit using Boku will take just a few seconds. Besides, there’s no need to sign up or download any software to be able to do it.


Boku: Still The Best Mobile Deposit Method?

boku deposit stepsThe main advantage of Boku that made it so popular in remote casinos is that it’s the easiest and quickest way to start playing. As already mentioned, no sign-ups are required, no logins are asked for and there are no passwords necessary. All you have to do is type in your mobile number and respond with an SMS to confirm the payment.

In regards to that, Boku is still the best mobile deposit method. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine a better, faster way to cash in — Boku is seemingly perfect. So, it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect an improvement over Boku in accessibility and ease of use anytime soon.

The other aspects of Boku are subject to personal preference. Some people prefer to use bank cards instead of their phone bill. Others don’t like the fact that one can only deposit using Boku, but never withdraw. Yet others may want to make deposits larger than £10, while for some this limit is actually one of the greatest pros.

So, despite the new mobile deposit options, Boku is still the best we reckon. This may change when even newer banking methods arrive at Fortune Frenzy and other mobile casinos. However, until then, it’s safe to stick to what we have.


Deposit Using Boku

green check markMobile deposit is easy as pie if you use our phone bill payment method of choice. Here’s how to start playing at Fortune Frenzy using Boku:

  1. Log in to your Fortune Frenzy account and navigate to the deposit screen
  2. Select Boku as your payment method
  3. Type in your phone number
  4. You’ll receive an SMS which you’ll have to reply to with a letter ‘Y’
  5. The deposit is done and you’re ready to play at Fortune Frenzy

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