Boku LogoWe write a lot in our blog about phone bill depositing, why we think it’s great, and how you can use it. However, what we talk about way less often – if at all – is the thought process which we went through as a casino in deciding to feature Boku as a payment method on our site.

What is it about this enigmatic payment method that inspired us to make it one of the most prominent banking options at our casino? Well the reasons are manifold, and we thought the best way to help you understand them would be to write a short post explaining our rational.

Mobile First – Always

best mobile devices for mobile slots 2017Ever since Fortune Frenzy was first conceived, we’ve known that we wanted the casino to be led by a mobile first philosophy, which saw all its functionality work well (if not better) on smartphones and tablets. Sure, you can use Fortune Frenzy on desktops and laptops too, but our main focus is, and always has been, creating a playing environment which is ideal for players on the go.

This is why all the games you’ll find at Fortune Frenzy are optimised for mobile, and why the layout and navigation of our casino is set up to be so friendly for smaller screens. It’s also one of the main reasons we chose to feature Boku payments as a banking option at our casino – it’s no secret that it’s the favoured banking option of mobile players everywhere. We simply wanted to leverage this fact to make our casino even more mobile friendly.

Player Experience

man mobile phone happyObviously, as a casino that cares about player experience, we always make sure that we have the latest games for you to play, and let you enjoy them on a platform which looks and operates in ways you find aesthetically pleasing. However, a huge aspect of player experience is the stuff you don’t notice; the things that make your journey through our casino as seamless and fluid as possible.

We believe that phone bill casinos aid in improving player experience in two main ways. Firstly, as a payment option which is already favoured by many of our players, it means that they don’t have to change anything about the way they usually play. Moreover, for players who want to make the switch, Boku and other mobile depositing services offers a speedy and convenient payment method which we think trumps others in terms of player experience.

Why Boku?

boku deposit stepsWe’ve been talking up until now about phone billing in basic terms, but players will probably want to know why we chose Boku over other payment intermediaries to handle our phone bill depositing traffic.

The answer isn’t exactly simple, but we think it makes sense. Its popularity is obviously a factor; most people using the service are already familiar with it, which makes it a simple choice, rather than a name you haven’t heard of.

However, we’re also a fan of the safeguards which Boku puts in place, making sure that every player’s money is safe and sounds and beyond the reaches of scammers. There’s so much attention to detail that goes into ensuring that Boku is the best payment method it could possibly be, and we’re just big fans of it.

Looking Forward

Zimpler Bill ScreenshotYes, the future is mobile, and that, as we’ve said above, is one of the reasons we added a phone billing option in the first place. However, we also understand that things change, and players who have a choice will go for the payment option which makes most sense to them. Right now Boku remains the most popular, but we’re not shying away from hedging our bets to make sure every avenue is covered.

That’s why Fortune Frenzy now accepts deposits and allows withdrawals via Trustly and Zimpler; these are two services which have picked up the mantel that Boku has thrown down, and created great new ways to deposit from your mobile phone or tablet at the casinos that you care about. We’ll continue looking into the future like this, and will always be diversifying our offering.

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