What Is Skrill 1-Tap And Why Is It Great For Mobile Depositing Players?

Skrill 1-Tap LogoOver the last little while, you might have noticed more and more online and mobile casinos making it possible for you to use ‘Skrill 1-Tap’ as a deposit and withdrawal option. You’ll also notice that it’s now also a payment option here at Fortune Frenzy Casino. While you may well already be familiar with the Skill service, there’s a more than likely chance that you haven’t yet used the Skrill 1-Tap service. Let us tell you right away — if you haven’t got on board with the 1-Tap revolution yet you’re missing out.

While we’ve always been huge advocates of Skrill as a payment option, Skrill 1-Tap takes this to the next level, and in our mind is the perfect depositing method for mobile players. It is both fast and convenient, and ideal for players on the move. But, as always with things that excite us, we’ve got ahead of ourselves a little here. Why don’t we backtrack here a little and explain what exactly Skrill 1-Tap is and then explain why it’s so useful for mobile players.


What Is Skrill 1-Tap And How Does It Work?

Skrill 1-Tap in Phone, Tablet and Computer

If you have a Skill account or you’re familiar with the service, you’ll know how it works by now. You enter your username at the Skrill interface at your chosen casino, and then you’re able to see the payment options saved in your Skill account. Choose one and make a deposit. With Skrill 1-Tap, however, the laborious element of remembering and re-entering your login details every time you want to make a Skrill deposit is removed.

After your initial deposit with Skrill 1-Tap, the casino at which you’re playing will in essence ‘remember’ your login details. When you deposit with Skrill usually, you’ll be prompted to enter your username and password each time you visit the casino and try to deposit. With Skrill 1-Tap, your detail are remembered, so all you need to do is tap once to confirm the payment and hey presto, you’ve made your deposit.

Don’t worry though — you can request that any given casino forgets your Skrill details at any time, in effect deactivating 1-Tap at that site and leaving you safe to move on and play elsewhere without the worry that your details will get lost.


Why Skrill 1-Tap Is Perfect For Mobile Players

best mobile devices for mobile slots 2017Now you know the basics of Skrill 1-Tap and how to use it, but we can’t forget that earlier we were foaming at the mouth in excitement about telling you about why this payment method is so great for mobile player. What it distills down to is ease and convenience. No longer must you remember login details, or enter card or banking information. Just log in once and every time you pick up your phone, you’re ready to deposit with just one click. What could be easier than this?

One of the number one reasons that we hear time and time again in favour of players switching to phone bill deposits from e-wallets is that with e-wallets, you have to enter your login details each time you deposit at casinos. We understand that can be a right pain when it has to be done on your phone. With Skrill 1-Tap, although you do need to enter them once at each casino, if you’re a regularly returning player, the time saved by only needing to give one tap to deposit cannot be overlooked.

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