Top Three Things People Forget When Choosing A Depositing Method

top three things people forget depositing methodWe here at Fortune Frenzy try to help our players and gamblers in general with everything we can. One of the frequently asked questions is which depositing method to choose and how to do it. As a result, we’ve written many guides on various deposit options like Boku, Trustly, Skrill and others. However, sometimes these guides just aren’t enough. To help you even further, we’ve compiled a top three list of things that people forget when choosing their banking method.

All the casino players should keep these three things in mind at all times. While each payment option has its own advantages and drawbacks, it’s difficult to cover every single nuance. The things below, however, should help you focus on issues that people most frequently ignore. With this information at hand, selecting a perfect depositing method should be less of a struggle.


Transactional Fees

transactional feesWhen we focus on security, accessibility and depositing limits, things that get less attention tend to slip from our minds. One of the things that casino operators and service providers often pass over in silence is transactional fees. This only makes sense though, because it means someone’s getting your money possibly without you even knowing about it.

Transactional fees and charges are usually applied by a casino or the payment service provider itself. If you chose a method with a 2% fee, for every £100 deposited, £2 will fall into someone else’s account instead of your casino bankroll. To find out which depositing method has such a fee you can either check the casino’s FAQ page or ask at the help desk.

If the casino doesn’t apply transactional fees, some methods might still deduct a small portion of your deposit. This is more often true with various e-wallets and much less frequent with pay by phone bill options like Boku. Using a wire transfer will also often include some taxes. To find out more on that, check with your bank as each case is individual.


Do Bonuses Apply To This Depositing Method?

casino bonus terms and conditionsSometimes, a casino won’t apply its welcome bonus or other promotions to each and every single depositing method. This could be done for more than one reason. Maybe it’s because the payment service provider doesn’t extend its services to the full extent or only does so under certain conditions that the casino has to meet. Alternatively, the casino itself may direct its players to a specific depositing method and such bonus conditions help achieve that.

Whatever the case, you should know which payment options aren’t eligible for casino bonuses, if any. Luckily, it’s easy to tell if players who deposit in a certain way can’t get deposit matches or other bonuses. All you have to do is check the casino’s promotions and read their terms and conditions. If the casino states them all (and, legally, it must do so), then you’ll know beforehand.

Regarding the specific payment options, deposits made with pay by phone bill options get no casino bonuses most often. E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller are often excluded too. All other options can also be limited in this way but these are rare cases indeed. Just know that no depositing method is absolutely safe from things like that.


Country And Currency Restrictions

no currency accepted gbpMany casinos offer lots of different depositing methods – but only for residents of some specific countries who use a specific currency. In other words, each payment option is often available to some countries and currencies only. Unfortunately, some casinos don’t state this clearly enough. As a result, the easiest way to find out if a certain depositing method is accepted from your country is to join the casino and make a deposit.

What if you want to set up your payment method first and join the casino second, though? That’s an issue you should be aware of. So, to make sure that everything goes according to the plan, find out these limits. If you don’t have access to the deposit screen and options available yet, there are other ways.

You can ask at various casino player forums or read casino reviews and guides. You can also contact customer support of the casino you’re interested in. Alternatively, you can at least stick to the popular payment options. Boku is older and more popular in the UK than, say, Zimpler, so it’s a much higher chance that any casino will accept the pay by phone bill option rather than the new service in the industry.

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